Visa information USA

Please note, you need to apply through one of the  16 designated US aupair agencies  if you wish to become an au pair in the USA! Furthermore, you need to be prepared to stay with your host family for at least 12 months. This minimum stay is defined by the J-1 VISA Exchange Visitor Programme for au pairs.

In order to legally work as an au pair in the USA, you will need this J-1 visa. You can only apply for this visa through one of the designated agencies mentioned above. These agencies (sometimes also called sponsors) charge au pairs varying amounts of money for their services in obtaining the visa and meeting the other official requirements of the the US au pair program.

Firstly use Almondbury au pair & nanny agency to find a suitable host family

Agree on one of the with your host family.

Together with your host family, contact the agency which you have selected together and present yourselves as a so-called “pre-match”. The agency will then be responsible for the subsequent legal and official matters of the au pair placement.

You will then need to process your application with your own agency to fulfil the visa requirements.

This typically involves a number of steps that are mandated by the J-1 visa requirements for au pairs. The designated agency conducts a personal interview and checks at least three written references from non-family sources which you will have to provide. You will also be asked to submit a medical report showing that you can successfully participate in the au pair program. Furthermore, the agency will check if you have any sort of criminal record and also will have you take a psychometric test to determine your psychological fitness to be an au pair in the USA.

You or the agency you and your host family are working with will send your visa application to the U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country. Before your visa is granted you will need to have an interview at the embassy or consulate. Your visa will only be granted once you have a definite au pair placement through your agency.

Your au pair stay in the U.S. will begin with a five-day orientation program conducted by the agency that is sponsoring you. At the end of the orientation you will meet your host family.

More information here All regulations defined by the U.S. Department of State on the au pair programme in the USA

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We are an introduction agency only and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. This information is mean’t for guidance only and due to the ever changing immigration laws it is the responsibility of the aupair to check prior to travel that they have the correct visa in place.