Visa information Norway


In order to apply for your residence permit (step 3), you need a valid standard contract for au pairs. You need to complete and sign the contract, which also includes your duties with your host family. Each of you should keep a signed copy.

You need a residence permit to become an au pair in Norway. You can apply for both residence and work permit at the same time using the corresponding application form. You need the following documents for your application:

  • a valid passport
  • the standard contract for au pairs signed by both you and your host family
  • proof of your host family’s nationality (for instance, copies of their passports)
  • a copy of your own passport (should you already be in Norway, you need to ensure that your passport or equivalent contains your entry date)
  • a Norwegian or English translation of all documents
  • a passport photo which complies with certain criteria

In addition, you need to pay a fee.

In addition to the above mentioned documents, you may be required to hand in further documents:

  • in the case that you apply for your residence permit from outside your home country, you must be able to prove that you have been a legal resident of this country for the past six months
  • in the case that your host family is a single parent family, you need a document which proves to what extent (how much time) the parent is responsible for his or her child
  • in the case that your host family applies on your behalf, they need your written authorisation

Should you add copies of the above mentioned documents to your application, you need to present the originals when handing in your application.

How to hand in your application for your residence permit:

Outside of Norway, you can hand in your application to a Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country or the country for which you have a valid residence permit (for the past six months). In some countries, you have the opportunity to hand in your application to the Swedish or Danish embassy, as well.

If you are currently in Norway, you may have the possibility to hand in your application on the spot.

If you hand in your application in Norway or to a Norwegian embassy, you should do so online. During your online registration, you schedule an appointment with the police or an embassy to hand in your passport and other documents.

If you apply for your residence permit through a Swedish or Danish embassy, you need to use the written application form. You also need to contact the embassy to arrange an appointment for handing in your passport and other necessary documents.

Au pairs in Norway may reside in the country for a maximum of two years. However, the residence permit is only issued for the duration of employment. During this period of time, you may leave and enter Norway as often as you wish.

Are you a citizen of the Philippines? In this instance, you need a visa and probably more documents to become an au pair in Norway. Please contact the Norwegian embassy on the Philippines or the Philippine embassy in Norway for more information.

After your application for the residence permit has been approved, you will receive a letter asking you to take care of the so-called residence card. It proves that you are a legal resident in Norway. As soon as you have received this letter, you must go to the Norwegian police, who will take your finger prints and photo. Approximately 10 days later, you will receive your residence card.

According to Norwegian law, au pairs from outside the EU, EFTA or EEA need to take a tuberculosis test. Your host family should arrange an appointment within the first two days upon your arrival as the test should be done before you start looking after their children.

If you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Japan, you do not need to take a tuberculosis test.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We are an introduction agency only and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. This information is mean’t for guidance only and due to the ever changing immigration laws it is the responsibility of the aupair to check prior to travel that they have the correct visa in place.