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First of all, agree on the terms of the contract with your host family. It should define all of the details of the au pair stay (duration of stay, working hours, holiday entitlement, lodging arrangements, the language course, pocket money, etc.) and should also contain a clause that says it’s validity depends on approval as an au pair (demande d’approbation) and the family’s approval as a host family (l’agrément comme famille d’accueil).

In order to become an au pair in Luxembourg, it is obligatory to obtain validation from the Ministry of National Education of your approval as an au pair.

To obtain this, you must fill in the free online application form and attach all of the necessary evidence to it. By signing the application, you commit to participating in the obligatory meeting organised by the National Youth Service. You also agree to follow a language course or culture and civilisation course for the duration of your stay, paid for by the family, and agree not to take part in any other paid or independant employment for the full duration of your stay in Luxembourg.

Your host family is responsible for submitting the application to the National Youth Service (SNJ). Send three signed copies of the contract as well as the other documents which constitute the application for the SNJ:

  • the form for approval as an au pair (demande d’approbation), duly completed,
  • a certificate of study which gives you access to further education in your home country, or that shows that you have been in education up to the age of at least 17,
  • a medical certificate, dated by less than 3 months, showing that you have good enough health and physical aptitude to be able to take care of the children and carry out light household duties,
  • a copy of your passport.

Your host family will also sign three copies of the contract and present an application to the SNJ composed of the contract, your approval as an au pair (demande d’approbation) accompanied by documents that you will send them, as well as the family’s approval as a host family (l’agrément comme famille d’accueil) accompanied by the necessary justifications.
Once the application has been validated, the SNJ returns two copies of the contract to the family as well as both your approval (l’approbation) and the family’s approval (l’agrément) signed by the Ministry of National Education. You will receive one copy of the contract as well as your approval as an au pair (l’approbation) from your host family.

Before your arrival in Luxembourg, you must submit an application for the authorisation of temporary stay to the Department of Immigration. As well as this form, you should attach the following documents to your application:

  • a copy of your passport,
  • your birth certificate,
  • a certificate of good conduct,
  • acceptance as an au pair.

All of the supplied documents should either be originals or certified copies. Also, if the documents are not written in French, German or English, it will be necessary to get them translated by a sworn translator. You will receive your authorisation of stay in the post and it will be valid for 90 days.

If you are subject to a visa requirement and are staying in Luxembourg for longer than three months, you must submit an application for a type D visa from your home country to the Luxembourgish embassy or consulate or, failing that, an embassy or consulate of a country which represents Luxembourg (Belgium or the Netherlands) with regards to the delivery of a visa. The visa will have a validity of a maximum of 3 months and will be attached to your passport in the form of a sticker.

If your stay in Luxembourg is no longer than three months, you must ask for a short stay visa (visa C).

In the three days following your arrival in Luxembourg, you need to go to the town municipality of your host family and drop off your arrival declaration. Take with you:

  • your passport,
  • the original authorisation of temporary stay,
  • the au pair contract as proof of address,
  • approval as an au pair (l’approbation)

The municipality will deliver a copy of your arrival declaration.

Before applying for a residence permit, you must first of all have a medical examination, carried out by an established doctor in Luxembourg. The costs of the consultation will not be reimbursed by the social security. Then, you must pass a tuberculosis screening conducted by the Medical-social League Medico-social Association (LMS).
The results of the analysis will be sent directly to the Medical Service of Immigration (SMI) who issue a medical certificate. This is then transferred to the Department of Immigration, who are responsible for evaluating your application for a residence permit.

In the 3 months following your arrival in Luxembourg, you must submit your application for a residence permit to the Department of Immigration. Your application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • a copy of your passport,
  • a copy of your authorisation of stay,
  • a copy of your arrival declaration,
  • proof of payment of €50 tax to the Ministerium of Foreign Affairs,
  • medical certificate passed by the SMI.

In the days following your application for a residence permit, you will receive a letter inviting you to submit a photo and a sample of your digital fingerprints to the Department of Immigration which will be intergrated into your residence permit. At the time of the submission of your biometric data, the Department for Immigration will give you a date on which you can collect your permit.

Go to the Department for Immigration on the date indicated to collect your residence permit. You can then go, with your passport, to the town municipality of your host family to confirm your arrival and obtain your certificate of residence.

Attention: As the duration of your au pair stay is limited to a year, you will not be able to renew or change the category of your residence permit!

The host family should register you with the CCSS (Communal Centre of Social Security) to establish health and accident insurance cover in your name encompassing the full duration of your stay. The family must submit an entry declaration to the CCSS. The CCSS then forwards a confirmation of your registration to the family, which must be sent to the SNJ within the first month of your stay.

As pocket money is not considered as a proper salary, the family is fully responsible for the registration fees with the social security.

There are not as many formalities if your au pair stay does not exceed three months. As well as submitting an application for validation to the SNJ (steps 1-5), you must only apply for a short stay visa (step 7), submit your arrival declaration (step 8) and register with the CCSS (step 13).

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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We are an introduction agency only and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. This information is mean’t for guidance only and due to the ever changing immigration laws it is the responsibility of the aupair to check prior to travel that they have the correct visa in place.