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About Me

Dear families,
Thank you for visiting my profile and showing your interest in me! I am an experienced au pair and am currently looking for my next au pair adventure.
My name is Theresa, I am a 21 year old student from Germany and I am looking for a kind and loving host family. Both of my previous host families are happy to chat with you about their experiences with me. Now that I am in university I like to use my semester breaks to practise my English and travel. I think being a short term au pair is the ideal way to do so.

My next semester breaks are from February 2nd to March 31st and July 13th to October 6th 2019. If you are in need of an extra pair of hands during those times I hope you will read through my profile and contact me if you think I could be a good fit for your family.

A little bit about me:

I am currently living in Cologne where I am studying English and Media studies at the university. I have a variety of interests. They include reading, going to the theatre or cinema, playing the guitar, cooking, going for the occasional run and skiing. Travelling has been a huge part of my life so far and I have enjoyed getting to know new cultures and countries. I am confident, tidy, reliable and responsible. I am well-organised, yet can be flexible at the same time. My native language is German; I am fluent in English and am trying my best to learn Italian.

I have found that being an au pair is one of the best ways (if not the best) to get to know a country and its culture. Also, to be honest, being on a student budget, it is a fantastic way to travel. Furthermore, I study English at university, so I want to take advantage of any opportunity to further improve my understanding of the language.
I enjoy taking care of and spending time with children. I love the cuddles and giggles and like to think that I know how to get through the tantrums calmly and quickly. Day to day life with children never gets boring as children are imaginative and full of energy.

My time spent with host families has taught me to settle in to new places and adapt to new situations fairly quickly, to both be open-minded to other cultures and open about my own.

I have a driver’s license, am a confident driver and have experience driving in both Germany and the UK. I know how to drive automatic and manual cars. I do not mind driving for your family and know how to get toddlers in and out of car seats in no time!

Originally, I come from a small town in Northern Germany. My family consists of my parents, my older sister Katharina, me and our cat. My mother is self-employed, my father is retired now but used to be the manager of a company in the chemistry industry and my sister has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

If you think I could be a good match for your family, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you! ?

Personal Details

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North-Rhine Westphalia
Profession or Qualification:
Languages you speak:
German (native), English (fluently) and a little bit of Italian
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
I am a very tidy person. I live in my own flat which I keep clean. In my previous host families I did not have to do any major housework as they both employed cleaners, however I helped out as any adult would. This included vacuuming/mopping the floor if the children were messy, cleaning the kitchen after cooking, tidying the playroom, taking out the bins, loading and unloading the dishwasher.
Do you have any nut or food allergies?:
I do not have any allergies, however I am vegetarian.
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
How long will you be available?:
2 months
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

I have been lucky enough to have had two wonderful au pair experiences so far.
For my gap year between school and university, I was an au pair for two gorgeous girls (they turned 3 and 7 during my stay) in England. Both parents work full-time, the dad works from home but has a lot of last minute meetings to attend and the mum works near Manchester Tuesday to Thursday, so I am used to busy schedules, being flexible and having sole-charge. My everyday duties included school and nursery runs, taking the girls to after school activities such as swimming and gymnastics, helping the older one with her homework and violin practice, playing with them in the afternoon, preparing their dinner and helping out during bath and bedtime (I love reading bedtime stories!). I sometimes helped out during the weekends too, taking the girls to softplay places, birthday parties, playdates, fun fairs and local theatres. I am still very close with my English host family, miss them dearly and visit them frequently.
In August 2018, I had the opportunity to be an au pair with an incredibly kind family in the north of Italy. They have two children, a boy who was 13 at the time and a daughter who was 11. I helped them with their summer homework while the parents were at work, prepared their lunch and played games with them. As the children are older already it felt more like hanging out with siblings, which was an entirely different experience, nonetheless an enjoyable one! I also did my best to learn how to cook authentic Italian food during my stay. 

Previous to my au pair experiences, I babysat two children aged 8 months and 4 years here in Germany and organised an after school club at my school where I was responsible for a number of girls aged 10-11. I also taught German to refugee children who arrived in 2015 and have interned at a local kindergarten.

Preferred Target Country:
any country
United Kingdom
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