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  • Female
  • Updated 3 months ago
  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Uzbekistan
  • Currently Living in: Uzbekistan
  • Age: 40

About Me

Dear Parents!

My name is Sophie. I have a lot of experience in caring for children and communicating with them. I am 40 years old. I have an adult daughter; she is almost 20 years old. Besides my daughter, I took care of my brothers. The age difference with my younger brother is 10 years. I practically raised him. I served as a nanny in the church for 1.5 years for small children from 6 months to 5 years. Children love me, and I always find a common language with them. And I really love children. Unfortunately, I have only one daughter, although I always wanted to have many children. My daughter has grown up and is now leaving to study in another country. There is a lot of love in the heart and in the soul. And I really want to give it to other children.

I am absolutely healthy. Without bad habits, I do not smoke, I do not drink, I lead a healthy lifestyle. Very good and tasty cooking. I love to draw, read, walk. I like animals. I have a cat Kity, which I picked up on the street, now she is beautiful. There was a dog English Toy Terrier Millie, who died of old age at 11 years old. Animals and nature are my inspiration. I love art in any form – music, painting, theater. I entered the Sotheby’s Art Institute for Master’s Programs in Fine and Decorative Art and Design, but, unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to pay for it. I will have to postpone my studies until next year. I am now completing an online course on art history at the Sotheby’s Institute. Currently, I work as a graphic and web designer in two companies and do it successfully.

If you want, I can study the history of art with your children, read them, do handmade work with them, instill in them a love of art, understand art. We can draw together, it is useful for mental health and for the development of fine hand motor skills, which contributes to the development of creative thinking. And of course, children’s games! I love to play with children like a child.

I am also a good organizer. I always took an active part in my daughter’s school life, for which I was even awarded after her graduation. She is very responsible and responsive, friendly and sociable.

I am a citizen of Russia, but I was born, grew up and live in Uzbekistan. I have an international family, as we call it. My mom is German and Jewish, dad is Armenian. Family values ​​in our family always come first, taking care of each other always comes first. But if you give me a chance, you will not regret it. I will give your children all the love, care, and attention. I know how hard it is when there is no one to rely on, and everything must be done by myself. My family and I lived in a city where there were no relatives nearby, my husband was at work all day, and I had to do everything on my own. It was a strong school of life for me. I had time to study and work, and take care of my daughter. At some point in my life, I myself was forced to look for a nanny, and I know how difficult it is to find a person to whom you have to trust, the most valuable thing you have is your children. You can entrust your children to me and be sure that they are under strict supervision.

Everyone can be a professional nanny but do not give the children what they need. I can and want to be a good helper and companion in caring for your children. I can give them all my experience and knowledge, love for nature and animals, and most importantly, love for children.

Sincerely, Sophie.

Personal Details

Town, City:
Passport held?:
State, Region, County:
Profession or Qualification:
Graphic Web Designer
Master of Economics
Languages you speak:
Russian- native, English- conversational
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Likes Pets:
I adore pets, especially dogs and horses. This is a huge part of my life. I have a cat, I had a dog.
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
Yes, of course
Do you have any nut or food allergies?:
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
How long will you be available?:
12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
Art, Paintings, Nature, Animals,Handmade, Reading, Sometimes Writing, Design.
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

have a daughter of 19 years. In addition, I have experience caring for my brothers and sisters and nephews. I also worked for 1.5 years as a nanny in a church with children from 6 months to 5 years. I have over 25 years of life experience in communication and care for children.

Preferred Target Country:
United Kingdom
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