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Dear Parents!

This is me Sarah.So, I used to be a member on this lovely aupair agency website 2 years back. Because I simply love children and I think the upbringing of a child is of course very important but what I’ve seen all my life, was that the person who spends most of the time with the child, has to be a good role model.

Because children don’t become what you tell them to become.No, infact they see you as an example and follow your footsteps.They even unknowingly adapt your body language and way of communicating. I have read many books based on child psychology and I that is why I want to make a difference. I am sure you are a great parent and you love your child so hence you would want to see positive results coming time by time.

For me, being an aupair means not only that job. It means responsibility and understanding the Life and personality of that child, aswell as getting to know the family. Because I would want to accept you as my new family and get to know about the culture and traditions you follow in your country, things to want your child to focus on/learn.

I bring a very positive and flexible mindset and lots of Experience with me. I was born and brought up in Germany. There I used to study law, do some work in the fashion industry side by side to keep that balance maintained in life. When my mom was pregnant, she gave birth to my baby brother. After that she got very sick and was suffering in the worst way one could ever imagine.. That is when I took care and responsibility for my new born baby brother and I started seeing things differently, from a mothers point of view and the interest for babysitting and spending time with children developed from time to time. I left Germany in 2017 and travelled to many countries to learn about other cultures and also get even more experience being an Aupair ! I loved it. Right now I am living in India, where I used to be a full time nanny for a family here. I speak many languages fluently, hence I don’t have to deal with any issues regarding that.

In order to understand a person more,i think a skype interview or a phone call are the best options.There is so much to tell and of course, I would love to get to know you too ! I ve been living in India now for the past 6 months and the family Is moving to some other country. We have many beautiful memories but life goes on, that is why now I am up to find a new family who would like to welcome me open heartedly and we could together start an amazing bond filled with friendship, understanding, trust and love.

Feel free to contact me if you feel, we share the same thoughts for the well being of your child. I am not looking only for a child where I would have to do the random babysitting job. I am looking for a loving family, who I could call my mom and dad and who would accept me like a new family member so both parties would feel comfortable and it’d become easier to work with you and getting to know you.

Everyone reading this, have a lovely Day ahead. I’d love to hear from you. God bless.

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