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Procopio Jr

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  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Philippines
  • Currently Living in: Philippines
  • Age: 42

About Me

Dear host family,

My name is Procopio, Jr. and I would like to describe myself with this letter. It was always a great dream of mine to live and work in a foreign country and I am really exciting that it will become reality soon. I would like to go to any European or Western Countries because I think it is a beautiful country with its beautiful lakes and nice “mountains”. I am fascinated by the marvelous landscape and from the nice people living in European or Western Countries. I would like to tell something about me now you something about my family: My family is a typical Filipino family. There are my parents, my older brother (he is 44 years old) and me. My mother is a housewife and she has also small business that keep her busy. She is a nice and friendly person and likes to talk with other people (I also like to go out and to talk with other people). My father died many years ago but I remembered him managing our small store from where we get our day-to-day expenses and he is the opposite of my mother because he is quiet and just wants to share his free time with his wife. I have a good relationship to my brother and my parents. Sometimes there is a little quarrel but I think this is normal and we try to resolve our problems together.

Now it is time to talk about my person: I am a creative and ambitious young man because I have a lot of ideas about my future. I am interested in all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities and for this reason I enroll at the moment for a short course in event management services. In 1998 I started to work in an office where I got experience in accounting and clerical work. It was hard work but now I am sure that I can say that I am very flexible and independent. I was a Leader in Inter Christian Youth Fellowship where I am the coach of a group of children between the ages of 6 and 12, but I trained also older teenagers. The group consists of nearly 25 boys and girls with different characters and interests and it is sometimes difficult to motivate the children. But I like to do this job and it gives me new energy because I really love “my” children. It is important to be punctual because the parents wait for their children. I am cheerful and sensitive for the children’s needs. I started caring for children some years ago. At the beginning I looked after my little nephew and niece and as time went by the adults trusted in me and so I got more and more responsibility. I tried (and I naturally try) hard to do my best. I got my first paid job at the age of 14. I had to look after my little neighbour while his parents and his older brother were on a party. My tasks were to prepare food for him, to take the little boy to bed and then to look after him till 4 o’clock in the morning. My job was not very strenuous because he was a nice and quiet boy and I was proud that the parents trusted me. I was his nanny for many years and I did a good job (they said this). It is not always easy to take care of children but it is a great experience to share some time with them. I have much patience because I trained this skills during my baby-sitting jobs. I think it is the wrong way to shout at children. I have the strength to set them limits if necessary and I am consequent. I try to be I try to be polite, creative and humorous. It is a dream of mine to go to European or Western Countries and I can combine it with a wonderful and interesting job: to care for your children. I do not have problems to help in the household. I really love cooking and I like to taste other foods. Another hobby of mine is reading. I read all kind of books and I like to discuss about them. I prefer to watch documentations about animals on TV and I try my best to learn something new. One of my best characteristics is my tolerance. Nowadays it is very important to be tolerant because there are so many different countries and traditions. I hope that I am the right person to take care of your children and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Personal Details

Town, City:
Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte
Passport held?:
State, Region, County:
Your Religion:
Profession or Qualification:
Overseas Filipino Worker - Accountant by Profession
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Languages you speak:
English, Arabic
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Likes Pets:
Yes..dogs and cats and any domesticated animals
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
Do you have any nut or food allergies?:
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
Criminal Record Details (if any):
How long will you be available?:
12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
coloring, cooking, interior designing, fashion, listening to music, pet or companion animals, singing, watching movies, gardening, photography,
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

I take care of my 3 children of my brother ages 7, 9 and 11.

Preferred Target Country:
any country
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