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  • Male
  • Updated 6 months ago
  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Germany
  • Currently Living in: Germany
  • Age: 17 (turning 18 in May)

About Me

Presently I am going to highschool, the Beethoven-Gymnasium in Bonn. I am doing my A-levels right now. My major subjects are history and mathematics. In history, I am very much interested in the recent history. Presently I do not know exactly what I will do after my A-levels, but I could imagine working either with children or doing something in the IT-sector.
I have two brothers, Konstantin and Philipp who are 15 and 12 years old. I like pets and together with one of my brothers, I have two rabbits. My mother works as a professor for economics in Frankfurt, and my father as an engineer in the telecommunication industry for Deutsche Telekom in Bonn. Our family loves music and we are all playing instruments.
In our vacations, we either stay at home or like to travel. Over New Years’ Day, we often go skiing to Austria and in our summer vacation, we mostly travel to Austria for hiking or to France where we enjoy its culture and its nice nature. Two years ago, we have made also a far trip abroad to Japan. We have choosen Japan because my mother’s work is related to it. She also speaks Japanese. We were visiting a number of cities, also Tokyo and Kyoto. It was fun and a completely new experience for us. As our highschool has a cooperation with “The Skinners’ School” in London, I also did a student exchange to UK. My guest family lives close to London. I liked experiencing the different daily life and culture.
My hobbies are football (I am also a member in a football club), meeting friends (with my best friends we spent a nice summer vacation in the Netherlands last year) and playing piano. When playing piano, I prefer movie themes. When I was younger, I also used to play clarinet for some years. In general, I like sports. In our summer vacation, we often go for hiking or swimming, and we also used to play basketball, tennis or table tennis. In our winter vacation, we like to go for skiing. And right now, I am doing also my driving lessons. I expect to have the driving license in April.
If I would be asked to describe my character, I would describe myself as being a reliable, trustworthy and cooperative person. I like to spend my time with friends and with children, too. We spent many of our vacations (which I mentioned before) together with other families. For example, when we go skiing, we usually go with another family who has five kids out of which two are still quite young. Also when we went for hiking in Austria, we used to stay with a number of other families having smaller kids. In all these vacations I liked to interact with the families’ children, for example playing cards or football with them or helping them with little daily issues like getting into their skiing shoes. I also like to do volunteering activities like we did with our local scout group or later with the Carol Singers.
There are number of reasons why I would like to spend my au-pair in a foreign country, in particular in an English speaking country. My first reason is that living outside Germany for a year is somehow more exciting than to work within Germany. A further reason why I would like to spend my year abroad in an English speaking country is very obvious — I would like to improve my English. Additionally we grew up with a (South American) nanny at home and I liked the experience to get to know a little bit about a foreign culture through her. While doing my Au-pair, I would like to go to a language course and, if possible, also to be a member of a local sports club in order to get to know also other people in my age. I would prepare this while before leaving.

Personal Details

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Passport held?:
State, Region, County:
Your Religion:
Roman Catholic
Profession or Qualification:
Doing my A- levels in May
Languages you speak:
German, English and a bit French
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Likes Pets:
Yes, I am comfortable dealing with all pets. I would not say that reptiles and insects are my favourite ones but I would take care of them.
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
I am helping regularly at home and also help the families with housework while babysitting. In particular I involved in washing the clothes, cleaning up the kitchen and to buy food for cooking. For sure I am also responsible for cleaning up my own room in all regards.
Do you have any nut or food allergies?:
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
How long will you be available?:
6-12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
My hobbies are football (where I am also a member of a football club), meeting friends and playing piano. When playing piano, I prefer movie themes. In general, I like sports. In our summer vacation, we often do play basketball, table tennis, tennis or go for swimming or hiking. In our winter vacation, I like to do skiing. And right now, I am doing also my driving lessons. I expect to have the driving license in April. 
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

I have experience in working with children because I regularly do babysitting. The family lives relatively close to us, so that it is always possible to do babysitting on a spontaneous basis. This family has two children, a girl and a boy, and usually I play with them after I have arrived at their home. Very often we play a board game. After this, I sometimes cook for them and then I bring them to bed. While the girl is a bit elder and quite independent, the boy needs a bit more support because he is still quite young. Also I accompany the Carol Singers (Sternsinger) as a youth leader every year in January. The Sternsinger are collecting money for children in poor regions. This year, we collected donations against child labour which were meant especially for children in India. Last year, the donations were collected for children being affected by the climate change. We usually meet in the morning and visit a number of houses. The Sternsinger — usually three to four younger kids — sing a „Sternsinger song“ and get donations and also sweets. At noon, all youth leaders and Sternsinger meet and have lunch. After that we continue collecting donations until the evening. During this time, I take care of the group of children. I will do my Juleica (Juleica stands for „Jugend Leiter Card“ or Youth Leader Card) training in June which prepares for looking after children. 

Preferred Target Country:
United Kingdom
United States
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