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  • Female
  • Updated 4 weeks ago
  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Croatia
  • Currently Living in: Croatia
  • Age: 26

About Me

First of all, my wish is to meet new people, new families, new countries, culture, languages to improve my personality and personal development. Few years ago, I was searching to go somewhere for child care, but, it didn’t happen because I had college here and that was a major obstacle that kept me in Croatia. Now, when I finished my master degree in sociology in Split (Croatia), I’m finally free to move and fulfill my long-term wish – to move from home and find decent, well-intentioned, human job where I can help others and others can help me,also. My childcare experience is not overweight, but is good enough. My twoo nieces were living with us for twoo years, so I was first aunt-nanny with whom they met. In the first twoo years of life we have been raising them, so if You have little children, I know what I’m supposed to do. Also, my sociology degree taught me many teaching things about interpersonal relationships, the behavior of people, children, adults and the general society at all. Simply, I love society, love people, diverstiy, getting to know different cultures and personalities, because all of that make us better people open to everyone.

I’m one enthusiastic, creative, social, playful if is needed, faithful, serious, lively, hearty, smiling, funny, honest, good-natured, talkable, open, responsible, correct, modest, decent, prudent, ‘perfectionist’, with attitude, ready to learn, diligent person. I most like sincerity and goodness. When people I meet are well – intentioned with no hidden intentions, that’s what we all want,I suppose. I am one of them. I love to help, volunteer, to teach/show if is needed, with the best intention. I never pretend that I’m someone I’m not. I love to eat everything, try everything about food, cook homemade (local and tradicional from my area), love painting, singing, dancing a lot (latino/contemporary), adore photography and taking pictures of others-nature-details, love art and arty places, architecture and design, also follow sport and football (old Barca fan), also I love to do house-work, clean up, soak the house etc. Love watching series and movies, that’s how I improved my english and spanish (I am fluent in english,spanish B2). Likewise, about knowledge, I finished economic high school and nowdays graduated sociology at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, seaside area in Croatia. My family lives on east Croatia, we are wealthy Christian family. I practice religion daily by going in church and praying. As a Christian, I respect and accept everyone and also expect from the others.

Personal Details

Town, City:
Slavonski Brod
State, Region, County:
Brodsko- Posavska županija
Master of sociology
Languages you speak:
english, spanish, croatian mother tongue
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Likes Pets:
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
I love to do house-work, clean up after kids or myself, soak the house, cook homemade so you will be able to try traditional croatian kitchen
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
How long will you be available?:
12 months
Childcare Experience:

About my child-care experience, as I said, I was living with my twoo nieces for twoo years, so I was first aunt-nanny with whom they met. In the first twoo years of life we have been raising them, so what I'm ready for kids. Also, I was working as entertainer - animator with kids in camping resort in Paklenica and Šimuni, in Croatia ... so I I got all the necessary professional experience to work with children and devising activities.

I would like to teach them to improve their foreign languages, english, my croatian or spanish if is needed. I'm ready to play with them, taking them out on some sports or anything they have in their program, also in free time walking with them, doing some exercise workout, going on beach or some park, cinema, museums so we both learn someting new, cook them, clean after them if You need it,take them to school with bus or how You say (I still don't have drive licence), would teach them everything I know what can be useful to them. I think we would never be bored. If children are open-minded, everything is easier and possible.
At the end, my wish is to move to Barcelona and, one day, set up my family there.

Dear Parents, if You like me and can imagine me being part of your family, hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Btw, I don't use premium account, so I am unable to text families (I suppose),
so I leave my mail in case you want to contact: [email protected]

Greetings from sunny Croatia! 🙂

Preferred Target Country:
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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