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  • Female
  • Updated 4 months ago
  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Ireland
  • Currently Living in: USA
  • Age: 22

About Me

Dear family,

Thank you for reading my application! I am a twenty year old American/Irish girl and student at the University of Virginia (a prestigious college in the USA).   I love learning and studying, but I want to get a chance to travel and see the rest of the world! I truly enjoy meeting people, exploring, and working with children. You can expect me to be responsible, reliable, punctual, kind, and smart.   I would like to live with a tight knit family with one to three children, and would especially like to work with the children on homework or do tutoring. I would love to accompany the family on vacations if they go, and have weekends off so I can explore, although I am open to working on the weekends occasionally as well. I would love to take a class or two in a language or something else at a local university while your children are at school, but I can also spend time exploring. I am very flexible and open-minded to most things and types of people. If I had to use three words to describe myself, they would be empathetic, curious, and creative. I am very talkative, and I absolutely love getting to know people of all backgrounds and ages.     I was born in Ireland, and am a dual american and Irish citizen, but I have lived in the United states for as long as I can remember. I have a very tight knit family. My parents are divorced, and my mother, who I live with when not at college, sister (Lily, who is thirteen), and I, are very close. We love going to orchards together, traveling, and trying new restaurants. I am also very close with my extended family, especially my grandparents, and my cousins, who are really more like siblings to me.    I am very artsy. I love singing, learning instruments, photography, and crafts! Some of my fondest memories are of painting, knitting, and sewing at school and with my babysitters when I was growing up. I would really enjoy getting to do arts and crafts with your kids!     At college, my favorite things are theatre and debate. I love public speaking and writing, and I also love performing and dressing up. I compete on a college debate team, and have experience traveling all over the country for this! I have been to big cities, like New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, as well as small college towns. I am experienced from debate with setting schedules and making plans and itineraries for my team. This is how I first became interested in going abroad. When I travel, I get to stay with students at the different colleges, and learn all about their lives and experiences in different cities. In the best cases, they are international students. Learning about their homes and their cultural experiences has helped me develop a passion for learning about different kinds of people.     I have a lot of experience with being independent and taking care of myself. I lived away at university, and I am currently living away from home and staying with a mom and her two children in Des Moines, Iowa, for a Summer internship. I have really enjoyed staying with a family and getting to know them, and this is what really convinced me I wanted to be an au pair. I love cooking with them, talking with them about our days, and just being apart of their family. I am willing to try almost any food, but it’s important to know that I am a vegetarian (I don’t eat meat). Aside from my extensive travel in the united states, I have visited Costa Rica and Mexico. I know basic french and would love to learn more, and would also love to learn other languages.     After I am done being an au pair, I plan to go back to college, I’m an English major, and am enrolled in a program to get my masters degree in teaching at the same time as my bachelors degree, so that I can teach English after I’m done with college! I would like to work with middle school and high school students and am interested in teaching anything, but my favorite subjects are English, math, drama, history, and music. In the long term, I would love to teach English abroad, and am also interested in writing and law.

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University student
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How long will you be available?:
12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
Debate, theatre, art, music, crafts, reading, writing, photography
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

I am the oldest of three siblings, and have grown up playing with them and taking care of them and my little cousins. Some of our favorite things to do together are making skits and videos, trying new board games, playing with dolls, and spending time outside: hiking, making forts, playing pretend games, and especially cycling/biking! I also love reading. have a lot of experience with tutoring: In addition to working with both of my siblings, I have tutored and taught public speaking and writing at a middle school - Jack Jouett Middle School - in my college town. I went once or twice a week and lead a program in the library. We played lots of different theatre and public speaking games. We also did research and learned about the world around us, so that the kids could have debates. I found working with them so rewarding, and getting to spend time with children of that age is absolutely an experience I would love to repeat. I tutored students while I was in high school at my high school, and have continued to do that since graduation, and volunteered at an after school program where I worked on crafts with the kids and helped them one-on-one wit their homework. I loved watching the kids learn and teaching them different subjects, as well as helping them create art!

Preferred Target Country:
great britain
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