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  • Nationality - Country of Birth: France
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  • Age: 21

About Me

My name is Maëlys, I am twenty-one years old and live in Bordeaux in the south-west of France.
After spending a year in England for my studies, I realised I had gotten really attached to this country and wanted to continue the experience by deciding to go back to the UK to be an au pair this year.
I have two younger sisters who are nineteen and fifteen, and a younger brother who is twelve.
As the first child of the family, I saw my brother and sisters grow up, particularly the two youngest.
I saw my parents taking care of them every day and did myself from time to time by babysitting them, playing with them and generally constantly being around them, in that sense I already have experience with children.
The notion of family is very dear to me, as until last year, the biggest part of my time at home was spent with my brother and sisters. That is why I would like to work with a family to whom family holds a similar importance.

For the last three years I have studied English Literature and Civilisation at University of Bordeaux, and got my undergraduate degree in June.
I’ve always had a great interest in the English culture, my mum being an English teacher certainly helped with that, and so decided to follow this path of studies to deepen my knowledge of the language. I have also chosen these studies because I was really excited by the perspective of having all my classes revolving around English and being constantly surrounded by people sharing the same interest as me.
A goal I had in mind going into university was to work hard in order to be selected for the Erasmus + exchange program to spend a year abroad, which I achieved, enabling me to go to Chester and study at the University of Chester from September 2016 to June 2017 for the third and final year of my degree.
This amazing experience made me learn a lot about the country, and made me certain that I wanted to live in England for at least a part of my life.

I speak fluently French as it is my first language, and also English. My dad being from Argentina, I can decently understand Spanish and speak a bit. I also know a bit of Italian, some notions of German after studying them both at school, and a few words of Japanese and Chinese.
Languages is something I am fond of and I am currently trying to learn Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese – the last two I have only started to learn recently, that is why my knowledge is still very limited – and I hope to be able to make the child or children I will take care of learn a bit of my language. It would also be a pleasure to make them interested in other languages I am studying if you want me to!

Traveling and learning about other cultures around the world are two of the things I love most. I have already had the opportunity to go to Spain, Greece, and also Italy and the U.S.A (California) several times, and of course the U.K prior to my Erasmus year. All these travels are some of my best experiences.

I am passionate about music, I listen to a lot of it a lot and like to go to concerts from time to time. Michael Jackson, Queen, Bruno Mars, the Beatles and many others, especially British bands, are some of my favourite artists, I have more than 100 vinyl records at home and hope to be able to bring some of them with me!

I also really like drawing, painting, going to the cinema and watching movies, photography, fashion, dancing (I took classes for 5 years) and doing yoga!

One thing I should maybe mention is that I am currently trying to be vegetarian and so my diet includes little to no meat, but I have no problem with cooking meat for the family I will work with!

I also love animals and have had numerous pets over the years (cats, fishes, hamster, mouse, turtle…even a duck!) and I currently have 3 cats and a baby dog – so I am used to them!

Being an au pair represents an amazing opportunity to me.
It is something I have wanted to do for three years but I preferred to concentrate first on my studies and to get my degree before leaving to work in the U.K. This will help me build work experience while doing something I like and that interests me!
Caring for children is something I enjoy doing, and I also chose to be an au pair for the occasion to be faced with day-to-day life responsibilities that it represents.
I am looking forward to spending time with the child or children of the family, and hope to become both a big sister figure and a friend to them. I also hope to have the opportunities to do fun activities with them, to make them learn French and about the French culture and other subjects that I love, and to also learn from them!
I can cook, although I have to be honest and say I am probably not the best chef you will have seen in your life, but I enjoy it and particularly baking cakes and cookies and crêpes!

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Au pair
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French, English, Spanish, Italian, German
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Cats, dogs, hamsters...
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I have been an au pair for the past month
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10 months
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I have 3 younger brother and sisters, have done babysitting in the past and have been an au pair for the past month.

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United Kingdom
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