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Hello !

My name is Élise Viguié, and I would like to be an au pair during a few months. I am 21 and I study in Aix-en-Provence, near Marseille, in a Master 1 of law and management specialized in the field of culture and the media.

My family does not live in Aix: they are in Lacave, a very small town in the north of the Lot, in the new region of Occitanie. I love my region, which is situated in the South West of France. It is a very green place, natural, and touristic. When I am there, I feel in peace. I was born there, and I was obliged to move in Toulouse, a beautiful city, and then to Aix-en-Provence because of my studies. My parents are farmers, and I have many animals at home, so there is no problem I you have got dogs, cats, horse… When I am at home, with my family, we enjoy going for walks, riding bikes, playing board games … I love tobe with them, and I can help my parents at the farm.


I have got 2 little sisters (Camille, 19 and Clara 15) and one brother (Thomas, 16). I used to look after them when they were babies or when they were younger. We enjoyed playing together. I also look after my cousins, who are 6, 7 and 10. I enjoy staying with them ! We play outside, with a ball, in the park, or at the swimming pool … we also play cards, and board games. However, I never looked after other children who were not part of my family.

Each Wednesday, I give lessons to Oscar, 11 , who is at college. I help him with his homework.


I would like to be an au pair for meany reasons ! First, I want to live a different year from the other years. I enjoy traveling, and I want to take the opportunity to discover new countries, new landscapes and new cultures. Then, I would really like to improve my English and my Spanish, which are not very good … I like these languages and I am frustrated to speak them quite badly. I am sociable, open-minded and I like children and families, that is why I decided to be an au pair. I just want to stay 4 months because I would like to try two countries : An English speaking one and a Spanish speaking one.

I do not know exactly what I want to do in the future. So this year abroad is a possibility for me to think more about my future. However, I think that I will turn myself to communication. I would like to work in associations, like « La Ligue contre le cancer » or social or cultural associations, or for companies which contribute to the environment and to sustainable development.


I have got a lot of hobbies. Once a week, on Wednesday, I dance rock’n’roll, in a bar with my friends. I am crazy about it, it has been a real passion for two years. From 8PM to 9PM, the teacher teaches us how to dance, and then, we have 4 hours for free dancing. Then, I enjoy the theater and improvisation, that I have been practicing since I was 10. I also like reading, playing the piano, taking photos or practicing sports : crossfit, running, badminton, volley ball… Even if I am not gifted, I like it ! Sometimes, I take my book and I go outside to read my novel in the sun. One of my favorite author is Anna Gavalda. I love traveling too : last summer, I did a road trip to many countries of Europe : Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. It was wonderful !


I really hope to meet you !


Kind regards,




Bonjour !   Étudiante en master 1 de journalisme et communication, je rêve de vivre une année “pas comme les autres” en partant à l’étranger, pour découvrir de nouveaux paysages, de nouvelles cultures… et bien sûr m’améliorer en anglais et en

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Lacave, Le Bougayrou
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English, French, Spanish
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Does housework for family at home
Do you have any nut or food allergies?:
No allergies
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6 months
Hobbies and Interests:
Theatre, Rock n' roll, piano, photos, badminton
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Childcare Experience:

Took care of my brothers and sisters when they were young (from 3 to 13 years old). Currently, keeps cousin (7 years) and cousins ​​(6 years and 10 years).

Preferred Target Country:
great britain
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