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About Me

My full name is Brianne Krystal . I just graduated from Montclair High School in New Jersey this year, and am extremely excited about moving forward in life. I was born and raised in Montclair NJ, a wonderful and diverse town that I am extremely proud of having been apart of. My mom was a career driven single mother who raised me and my three other siblings with the help of our au pair Erica, so I understand the true importance of child care. My freshman year of high school is when I began child care myself, and I managed to juggle a babysitting job half of the week as well as cheerleading and Government club for the entirety of my high school career. While those are some of my accolades, they do not quantify my personality. I like to consider myself, in part, how my friends and family describe me, which is a funny, kind, intelligent, compassionate, generous and honest girl. But I also would like to mention characteristics that I have personally developed as I have matured, which are responsibility, empathy, optimism, conscientiousness, and perseverance. I believe these traits are all apart of what make me a great care giver. I am 18, but I have been caring for children all my life. I am the second oldest in my family, so I have been helping my mom with my younger siblings for as long as I can remember. When I was in middle school I spent curriculum required volunteer hours at the Park Academy day care in Montclair. I officially began babysitting at age 14, the same year I started high school. My mom got me a babysitting job for a family, working with a 5 year old boy and seven year old girl. Since then, I have worked with 5 families in and around Montclair, babysitting children aged 5 months to 12 years. I am Skilled in creating schedules, following commitments and maintaining routines. I will bring forth exceptional child development skills to contribute to the family. My years of experience and training have foundated my ability to develop close relationships with both children and families. I have excellent communication skills, relate well to people and converse in a polite and courteous manner. I love to watch children learn and grow, while teaching them kindness, sharing, compassion and love. I am always learning from children I work with everyday. I admire children’s endless energy, honesty, creativity, and resilience. Knowing that my job is to help children achieve their full potential and help them feel good about themselves is something I take great pride in. I have also held the position of summer camp counselor at The Geyer Family YMCA for 3 consecutive summers, where I worked with children ages 2 to 5. I am CPR and First Aid Certified and am also ready to provide several reliable references and proof of identification via Drivers License, as well as a clean driving record and am open to background checks. Caring for and educating children is not only second nature to me, but is something I am good at and passionate about. My plans for the future, while always open to change, are currently to work as an Au Pair for a year or two, then apply to a State University of New York to study Journalism. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and all the best to you and your family!

ps. Fun Fact Paragraph

My mom hired an Au Pair when I was 3 years old to help raise her four kids as she is a single mother. I am 18 years old now and my former au pair Erica and I are still good friends. She became a big sister to me and taught me life lessons that are an essential part of who I am today! I am a writer and that is due in part to Ericas persistence in getting me to read. I own over 500 books today and am still an avid reader. I received a near perfect score on the English section of my SATs because of the fundamental values Erica instilled in me. As I have become a child care giver myself I have remembered what Erica was to me and learned to recycle that into how I teach and care for children. I want to be an Au Pair in the hopes that I can be to children what Erica was to me, a trusted friend, a fun teacher, and a role model.

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United States
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New Jersey
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High School Diploma
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Housework experience:
yes, some of my past babysitting jobs included light housekeeping
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Criminal Records:
How long will you be available?:
6-12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
I love to read, write short stories, knit, paint, play the guitar, and I love ceramics!
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

see "About Me"

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any country
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