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Bárbara Critina

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  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Brazil
  • Currently Living in: Brazil
  • Age: 27

About Me

Hi! I am Bárbara. I am 27 years old and live in Brazil. I live with my mother and father and my three dogs, Luna, Artemis and Arya, that I love so much. We live in a very small town in Rio Grande do Sul, in the south coast of Brazil. I am calm, quiet, and in love with the life. I speak low and slow.

When I am not working, which I love to do, I like to watch movies and series, listen to songs, write poems and tales, play the guitar, go to the movies or the beach and walk with my dogs. I have always had two dreams: being a teacher and knowing the world. The first one I have already achieved. The other one I am achieving. I have already known England, Belgium and Holland.
I am in love with the life, kids, animals, people and knowledge. I love to know new cultures and new life styles, and that is why I would like to participate of the au pair program. I am very adaptable, especially with kids. I hope I can know your culture and also show a little bit about mine.
I want to become an au pair to improve my knowledge about the language and the culture, and myself as a person. After the program, I wish I have more knowledge with the language and the work with kids, so I can come back to Brazil and continue my work as a teacher, with a new experience to tell my students.
I hope you enjoy me and we can spend a time together and exchange experiences. Best regards. Bárbara.

Personal Details

Town, City:
Passport held?:
State, Region, County:
Rio Grande do Sul
Your Religion:
Do you practise your religion?:
Profession or Qualification:
Post graduation (especialization)
Languages you speak:
Portuguese, English, Spanish
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Likes Pets:
Yes, I have three dogs.
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
Only at my own home.
Do you have any nut or food allergies?:
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
How long will you be available?:
12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
Reading, watching movies, going to the gym
Childcare Experience:

I work as a Portuguese teacher with teenagers (aged 10 to 15 years old), but I used to work with little kids, in a kindergarten, since I was 15. At the first time, I volunteered in the school to tell stories and help to take care of the kids (feed and play, most of the times). They were aged 2 to 6. At that time, I also used to work as a babysitter to friends and family, with kids aged 1 to 5.
Before that, when I was 14, I started my technical teaching course, which I finished when I was 18. During the course, I had 400 hours of educative practices in several schools, with kids of several ages, and 400 hours of internship with kids aged 7, when I discovered how much I love to be a teacher.
After that, when I received my degree, I started college in the course of languages and Literature, other passion of my life. I continued volunteering in the kindergarten and working as a babysitter a few times. In my last year of college, I started to work as a titular teacher in the same kindergarten, with kids aged 2 to 4. I stayed there for two years, until I started to work in my current school, with the teenagers, who I love too.

Preferred Target Country:
any country
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