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  • Female
  • Updated 3 weeks ago
  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Brazil
  • Currently Living in: Brasil
  • Age: 18

About Me

Hi!! My name is Aurora, I’m Brazilian, almost fluent in english and a person passionate by life. I’m an art lover of all types, a vegetarian, an animals lover and I don’t have any kind of prejudice be it religious, racial, generic or any other, I really think everyone is equal and deserving of love and respect.
I’m attending my senior year and by december of 2021 I’ll be graduated. This year I’ll take my drivers license when I turn 18 years in august. and my plans are: for half of next year (2022) to be going to the Europe, do a cultural exchange, to experience new things and to make some money so I can go study in the U.S.A.
P.S.: I have Italian citizenship, so I could work in any country of E.U. with no problems
I want to do an Au Pair program because it’s a chance that I have to visit new places, to have a home and a salary doing something that I like, and having the support of a family that I hope to get closer and reward the help that I’ll receive.
I think that the family should host me, because I’m very polite, solicitous, friendly and pleasant, I collaborate on the house rules, being an easy person to live with. I’m very independent, wouldn’t give any problems for the family and I would help on the daily tasks, like doing the dishes, sweeping the house, tidying up the room…
I’m qualified for the role because I’m young, willing and full of energy to help parents take care of their little ones, i can teach your child how to draw, play some instruments, cook and even a little of Brazilian Portuguese. I get along very well with children, I think they are adorable and full of desire and imagination. We will have fun, play together and learn so much from each other!

Personal Details

Town, City:
Caxias do Sul
Passport held?:
Europe Union
State, Region, County:
Your Religion:
Profession or Qualification:
High School Complete
Languages you speak:
Portuguese and English
Hold a current and clean driving license?:
Confident to drive in your target country?:
Likes Pets:
Love them
Can you swim:
Housework experience:
yes, I clean my own house! Do the dishes, mop the floor, iron the clothes, set the table, do my bad... cleaning the house in general
Do you smoke:
Criminal Records:
Criminal Record Details (if any):
How long will you be available?:
6-12 months
Hobbies and Interests:
I practice urban dances and jazz, i know how to play the piano, the ukulele, and a little bit of the acoustic guitar. I'm a great drawing artist, and almost a great painter, I'm very creative, I can do a pretty good makeup, paint nails and amazing hairstyles. I know how to sing well and how to play some sports at amateur level, like volley, basketball, soccer, handball, skate, roller... also I know how to cook very well, from breakfast, to dinner and some snacks.
Do you want to live with the famiy?:
Childcare Experience:

I always take care of my little cousins every time I go to the beach, I think is pretty funny to take care of them, and watch films together, make some snacks, play fun games, go for a swim, ride a bike... I really think children are adorable, in fact we get along very well.
I've never was an Au Pair before, actually I've never done any kind of exchange and I'm very excited for this one. I know I don't have that much experience in this area, but I know I'm extremely qualified for this job, I just need a chance, you'll see that there's no one better than me to take care of your children.

Preferred Target Country:
United Kingdom
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