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  • Nationality - Country of Birth: Greece
  • Currently Living in: London
  • Age: 29

About Me

Dear Host Family,It is a pleasure to contact with you with the wish to meet you in person soon.I am Anastasia ,a 29-year-old English Teacher from Athens, Greece. The moment I learned about the “International Experience Canada” program, I decided to set an application for it, as it is an opportunity for me to combine my love for children and meeting new cultures,so now I have an open work permit.

I worked in the US as an au pair after matching with an MD host family with 2 amazing kids ,a 4th grade girl and a 7th grade boy main duties included assisting them with their homework,preparing meals for them,involving them in play and activities,stimulating,keeping their supplies organized and any other chores related to them.They both improved their school performance and the girl went up a level in her Math class.When my one year contract ended, I decided to extend it and experience another state,so I matched with a NY host family.I took care of three super sweet kids,the younger ones were 3-year-old twins(a boy and a girl) and the older one was a five-year-old boy and my duties always revolved around them. The au pair program in the US lasts for two years only, so when my contract ended in September 2014, I returned to Greece and worked as an English teacher in a language school for three years. After the end of my school contract, I decided to gain more experience working as a nanny/au pair , so I travelled to London ,where I am currently working as a nanny with two great boys, aged 15 months and four years old. I would love to continue experiencing new customs and cultures, as a nanny in Canada, under the “International Experience Canada” program . But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I was born in Vyronas,a nice neighbourhood near the center of Athens.I started studying English at the age of seven and I loved it ever since!I grew up aiming at a career as a teacher so as to impart my enthusiasm for the language-and learning in general-to my students. At the age of sixteen I got the certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University.One year later,it was time to officially declare which universities I preferred for studying.The choice was pretty easy for me!The faculty of English Studies in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens!

During the four years of my studies,I got to know the English culture better .I majored in English Literature and Linguistics with classes like English Structure,Methodology of English Language.I also took Psycholinguistics,Child and Social Psychology so as to build a base regarding the student psychology.

In order to acquire experience in my profession,I started doing private lessons in my third year of studies and I was employed in a tutorial school in my last one.I am grateful to all the families I have worked with for allowing me to help their children improve their English skills.I love working with them,as their energy is refreshing!Being a part of their progress is the most valuable reward I can ask for!

During my first year in the U.S. I enrolled in Montgomery College with two classes:World Literature and Social Problems and Issuester getting A in both classes,I was qualified for the Spring Semester 2013 Dean’s List my second year,I attended Law and Film classes.

As for my spare time,I love going to the movies and theater.I also enjoy cycling and hiking in trails near my house while listening to music.I am a big sports fan,too!I like watching all kinds of sports on T.V. or live,especially tennis,basketball,football and figure ice skating. I took tennis lessons for three months and I would love to practise it more in the future!Visiting or hosting friends is another regular activity of mine.

While I was in Greece,I tried to travel abroad to meet different manners and customs. The Department of History and Archaeology of my University has organized several trips to wonderful destinations like Egypt,Spain and Italy.Furthermore,I was a volunteer at the Greek Red Cross,in the Social Welfare Department group was sent to the lending library of “Paidon” Hospital but unfortunately the library closed due to lack of funds.

I hope now you have a brief idea of my work and interests!Looking forward to talking to you!

Kind Regards, Anastasia

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Greek Orthodox
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English Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature
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Yes,I am helping with the housework in my current job(laundry,dusting,vacuuming,cooking)
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12 months
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I worked as an au pair in USA for two years.

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