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The area provided for your profile image is primarily square in shape.  Therefore, please choose an image of yourself to best fit this shape. If possible avoid uploading images of yourself that are either wide, or narrow. Furthermore, take care to crop your image correctly. A good profile image will display your head and shoulders only (similar to your passport photograph).

Ideally, the perfect image would be a ‘happy smiling passport photo’ 🙂

Too wide & cropped

Too long


You only get one chance to make a good first impression! 

Viewers could decide if you are suitable or not in just a few seconds! If your introduction letter is too brief or poorly written, viewers are likely to skip your listing and move onto the next one. If you’re looking to attract someone in a country whose language you can speak, why not add your introduction letter in multiple languages?

To make the most of your Almondbury listing it’s important to add as much relevant information as possible. Take some time to tell the viewer about yourself (or your family) and most importantly add a GOOD profile image! What’s more, if your listing has no profile image it won’t appear on our main home page carousels.

Don’t forget, this is the first time your potential Aupair or family will set eyes on you. Add more relevant images if available, remembering a picture speaks a 1’000 words.

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If you’re an Aupair, add some references or letters from previous positions you may of held. If you’re a qualified Nanny, why not add some certificates or details of qualifications you hold?

The most important thing to remember is the better your listing looks and reads, the more likely it is to attract the most suitable Aupair (or Family) for your requirements.

Good luck and thank you for choosing Almondbury Aupair and Nanny Agency, myself and my team at Almondbury are very much looking forward to working with you.

Kind Regards

Rosemary Riley – Founder & Owner