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Preferred Start Date:
1 July 2021
Minimum stay:
1 months


Cher jeune au pair

Hi ! We are Belgian/Greek family living in Spain ! We are looking for an au pair to help us with our 2 girls and have great summer all together 🙂

This will be an experience in Spanish environment, in a French speaking family!  So the opportunity to improve both French and Spanish.

We would like someone who’s mother tongue is English. Please don’t send us your application if you are not native English speaker.

Open minded and tolerant people, we believe sharing part of our life with someone who is from other culture with different norms and backgrounds is an enrichment for everyone

Due to covid we would like to organise our excursions and visits all together. We will be in vacation during the au pair period. So this experience will be to spend a great summer all together.

We are montessori and positive education oriented.

We like hiking, girls have violin class so if the au pair plays music it will be a must !
They like dancing (modern dance class for the oldest) and horse riding.
I usually organise fitness and aqua gym class at home during summer time or just go to the outdoor fitness class.
We love meditation, yoga and reading

We live in an detached house with amazing views over the mountains, nice garden and private pool at 10 min from the beach (by car) 15min from Alicante and 25min from Benidorm.
We have a guest room and 2 bathrooms so we might arrange semi exclusive use of one bathroom for the au pair. (I say semi because the washing machine is in that bathroom also it is the closest toilet from the pool .. so we will need the access).


Will we accept a Smoker?:
Type of home:
Detached house
Gender preference:
Private bedroom
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
70€ per week
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
Families language/s:
French Greek English Spanish
Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
Language school:
Free time:
Should be discussed
Essential Language/s:
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

We will be always around except for occasional baby sitting or duties, the au pair will not be alone with the girls.

We are looking for the au pair to wake up with the girls, prepare their breakfast, help them to eat and dress up. Then playing and watching them carefully at the pool. 
If you /we decide to go on excursions/playground/beach/mountain/etc. I would appreciate some help to prepare the picnic and bags to go out. 
I expect the au pair to Prepare a fruits snack twice a day. 
Give the girls a bath at the end of the day, clean and tidy up the bathroom when they finish. 
Read them a book before sleeping.

In general, Help them and encourage them to keep their playing areas clean and tidy (bedroom, playing room, and everywhere else they will be playing). 
Help me to move daily some stuffs in the house so the vacuum robot can do its job. 
I would appreciate if the au pair could clean its own bathroom (shower and sink) and bedroom including changing bedlinen. (I can do the toilet ) 

We enjoy living in a clean and tidy house 🙂 we expect the contribution of the au pair 

We would love the au pair to take part in the excursions and planning them with us. 

Simply being part of our family life, help each another and have great summer time all together 

On the very formal and practical part:
We can remunerate 70€ a week (as it is the norm in Spain). Depending on what the au pair will do exactly, we might pay more. 
Offer 1 day a week of holiday 
And the possibility to have Spanish classes. 
(I guess everything should be discussed and recorded in a proper contract)


Mostly vegetarian and organic.
Sugar and alcohol free.

Other requirements:

We are mostly vegetarian (we eat eggs, some dairy and sea food) we are consumers of organic products mainly. We try to eat sugar free. We don't drink any type of alcohol and expect the au pair to behave similarly. 

We do not want the au pair to use her mobile phone in front of the girls . this should be done out of their sight. 

We are looking for a native English speaker, an au pair who knows about montessori and positive education. Playing music would be a must 

We don't have TV neither WiFi. So the Internet connection should be done via mobile Internet. 

We would like the au pair to provide testimonials from previous au pair experience 
And have a specific au pair insurance