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United Kingdom


Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish

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Minimum stay:
10 months


Hello! I am Robyn, and I am looking for a fabulous new female au pair for my 2 children, Reya and Louis. Reya, my daughter is 9 and my son Louis is 6. We live with my husband, Bruce who works in finance, in East Dulwich, a leafy, lively area in South-East London. We have had an au pair from France living with us for the past year, but she will be returning home soon to begin her nursing course. She has been a wonderful support to our family and we have loved having her to stay.

Reya is starting at a private Girls school in Sydenham , and Louis goes to a lovely prep school in Herne Hill.

My children are curious, chatty and full of energy! They are both sociable and outgoing, and they need an au pair who is warm, loving and firm but fun. A reasonably good level of English would be a plus as reading is very important to us and we would like you to help with homework if I am not there.

My children love music and dancing and they are both very active so someone who shares these interests would be great! We have just bought a piano so they will both start piano lessons soon.

My son’s favourite things are football and sports (he supports Liverpool), bike riding and scooting. Our au pairs play a lot of indoor football in the winter!

My daughter’s favourite things are reading, writing stories and keeping a diary, singing, jumping on the trampoline and watching musical movies.

Both children are warm and affectionate and they need a person who is hands on and chatty, but who can provide firm and clear boundaries if I am not there.  We all love good food and I am a very keen cook and baker, so we’d love to have a good cook – we enjoy tasting foods from different cultures and countries!

My husband works very long hours (often home after 830pm and travels at least once a month) so the role is really to help keep the kids organised, manage logistics and pick ups at the end of the day (both children do after-school clubs that finish at similar times in different places!) and to provide babysitting. The role would be ideal for someone who could be a live in housekeeper/au pair, as the children need less hands on attention these days.

Our au pairs normally do 1 or 2 nights’ babysitting per week, although not every week, and we discuss and confirm dates in advance to avoid confusion. We appreciate flexibility in this, as sometimes we have a spontaneous date night! Normally weekends are completely free, unless we have previously agreed babysitting.

Will we accept a Smoker?:
Type of home:
Semi detached house
Gender preference:
We can give you a sunny room with a double bed, TV and DVD player, a desk, storage space and plenty of books and movies.
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
£100 plus travel money
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
United Kingdom
Families language/s:
English is spoken at home, Robyn speaks Spanish and French.
Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
Yes, at least once a week and sometimes 2 nights a week.
Available Transport:
Bus, tube, train. We have a bike at home that the au pair can borrow.
Language school:
Greenwich, Beckenham plus some local language classes and conversation groups
Will we need you to Shop?:
Free time:
You will always have your weekends free unless we have previously agreed any extra hours or babysitting.
Essential Language/s:
Use of a vehicle?:
Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Make sure the kids are dressed, help with breakfast, check teeth, check school bags, make sure Reya gets to the bus stop on time

PM Duties:

Pick up louis, meet Reya off the bus or pick her up if she has a club. Prepare a snack, help with preparing supper, make sure homework is done, listen to reading, help with bath or shower. Often I help one child and au pair helps the other child. Remind kids to organise bag and clothes for the next day. Play with kids while I cook supper. Help kids to keep their toys tidy. Laundry, washing up, tidying the kitchen.


We eat everything, from a wide range of cuisines.

Other requirements:

We have had an au pair every year since 2014. We are looking for a girl who is a great communicator, polite, kind, fun, respectful, energetic and who has a great sense of humour. We hope you will feel welcome in our home and we look forward to meeting you!