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  • Toledo, Ohio USA
  • Posted 1 year ago
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Roman Catholic
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Roman Catholic
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10 May 2022
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6-12 months


I, Theresa, work remotely from home full time as a project manager with a very flexible work schedule.  Matt is a professor of biochemistry at our local university and runs his research lab there. We place a high value on integrity, empathy, personal responsibility, and most importantly, forgiveness, in our household. We don’t live these values perfectly but we all do the best we can each day.

We live an active lifestyle by participating in sports — eg. cross country, soccer, basketball — and going on frequent hikes in our local parks. We continually encourage a love of learning and support our children in pursuing their interests. As a general rule we celebrate progress over perfection and encourage healthy risk taking to learn from our mistakes.

We currently have three children: Jeff (8, twin), Reme (8, twin), and Kimber (6). They moved into our home in August of 2019 and we adopted them out of foster care in May of 2020. Jeff is incredibly pragmatic and is always looking for creative solutions to problems. When his elementary school was having trouble finding substitute teachers he independently made a sign to help advertise for them! Jeff loves all things related to construction and hopes to become a construction worker as an adult. Reme and Jeff may be the same height and age, but they’re unique individuals! Reme has an incredibly sweet and sensitive heart; he regularly expresses concern for students in his class who are out sick for the day. Reme loves to run at “cheetah speed” and give everyone he cares about hugs. When he is a grown up, Reme hopes to move to Michigan and/or build a log cabin in Alaska. Kimber embodies enough spunk and sass for the entire family. She loves all the baby animals and has refused meals containing nuts because the squirrels need them. She aspires to becoming a veterinarian princess when she grows into an adult.

Matt and I are certified foster parents in the state of Ohio and we hope to continue fostering into the future. We fostered an infant for six months (he’s since moved to another home) and through that experience realized in order to continue accepting foster children we need additional support in our day-to-day life. Given the seemingly limitless need for fostercare, you will need to work with us in setting clear boundaries and expectations regarding potential foster children and their care. We will work with you to ensure you are getting the time off and rest you need so that you have the energy to be present to the children when they are in your care. Finally, our Catholic faith forms the foundation of our daily lives. We welcome people of all faiths and of all walks of life to our home, but we also recognize that not everyone would feel comfortable in an actively practicing Catholic home and want to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

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Our children experienced trauma while very young so can exhibit some atypical behavioral challenges. We handle these events with radical empathy and understanding while maintaining clear and firm limits and boundaries.