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Native English speaker

I don’t have religion, my husband is a Buddhist
Preferred Start Date:
10 July 2019
Minimum stay:
12 months


Hi We are a Tibetan-Chinese family. My husband is a Tibetan and I am from Hong Kong. My daughter is 9 years old and my son is 2. They are great kids, kind in nature. We just moved to Shangri-La from Hong Kong and we need a big sister to help taking care of kids at weekends when I need to work in a tutorial center and when my husband is away guiding tours. We love to explore the nature in the highland area on holidays and watching movies at home. We enjoy a slow pace of life here. we want to show you the beauty of the city we live in and we want you to be part of our family. We hope you will be a friend of our family and a mentor of my children. We can share our thoughts, culture and food together. We expect our aupair to take care of sometimes our son but mainly our daughter, help her study and have fun with her. Our daughter needs to go to school 8-5 Mon-Fri. Aupair needs to send her to school, pick her up from school and help her with homework in the evening. Aupair will share a room with my daughter, it’s a bunk bed with a slide. We hope au pair can improve her English reading and speaking skills, it would be good if aupair can read her some English books every night. Aupair is not require to do heavy housework but we would prefer a tidy and disciplined helper. Aupair is expected to work at weekends, both Saturday and Sunday, sometimes at home, sometimes at the tutorial center as a teaching assistant where my daughter attends extra lessons. If my husband is on tour and I need to work, aupair may need to take care of our little son but that shouldn’t happen often. Aupair can take any two days off on weekdays when both parents are home. Aupair is required to obtained a global medical insurance and a valid Chinese visa before she comes. We look forward to having you as soon as possible. We love to share everything with you!!!

Pets in the home:
Will we accept a Smoker?:
Type of home:
Gender preference:
Shared room with a 9-year-old girl
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
USD$300 or above
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
Families language/s:
English and Mandarin
Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
Will we need you to Shop?:
Free time:
Free from 12-5pm
Essential Language/s:
Native English
Use of a vehicle?:
Native English speaker
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Babysit a 2-year-old boy

PM Duties:

Pick up a 9-year-old girl from school and help with homework and study.