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  • Posted 10 months ago
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12 months


Dear Aupair

I am a 47 year old single mum with an extremely cute 7 year old boy called David. Yes, he is autistic and can’t speak at all, but he is very sweet, gentle and well behaved. It would be useful if you had some knowledge of autism but as long as you are interested in getting to know him and happy to learn from me experience is not essential. The difference between David and a typical 7 year old is that he is like a much younger child. He still wears nappies at night so I would need someone that’s ok with changing nappies in case needed when baby-sitting. He uses a few pictures and signs to communicate and goes to a special school where he is making progress.
We live in a very nice house in a private road with friendly neighbours. If you ever had a problem and I was not around, any of the neighbours would be happy to help, they have been amazing to me and David. The area is nice and safe and we are walking distance to nice shops and cafes and a 15 minute walk to the underground (High Barnet, on the Northern line). We are at the end of the line but that means you always get a seat when travelling into town!
David’s dad picks him up every other Friday and brings him home on the Sunday. This works well and you and I both have every other weekend off from childcare. I would be happy for you to have all weekends off unless I ask for a couple of hours babysitting occasionally if you are available. I am flexible as I want you to enjoy going out, meeting friends and site-seeing to make the most of your time here.
During the week I would need your help between around 7am and 8am help give David breakfast, get him ready and put him on the bus which comes to our house. I will have to get myself ready and off to work, I leave at 7.45. There would be some light housework to do during the day which you can fit around your language school (assuming you go to one.) I am an experienced English teacher and have taught many aupairs over the years! I taught First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced and yes I will help you with your studies! I would definitely need you to be home by 2.45 to get things ready for David and the bus will bring him home around 3.15. You would bring him in, help him go to the toilet, bath and change and give him a snack. I’ll get back at 4.15 and will do his dinner.
I am looking for someone who can settle in well and be quite independent. Your room is not very big but it’s nice and comfortable and there’s a TV so you can have your own space. I like to go out a couple of nights a week so you will have more space and peace and quiet!
You will be made very welcome here, a valuable and helpful member of the team. My family are good fun and we have regular get-togethers so you will be invited to join us, but you don’t have to! I will be very grateful to have the help as I need to go to work (being a single mum) and I value having a bit of time to go out and be ‘me’ sometimes instead of “mummy” or “teacher”. My job is- teaching a special needs child and I also have one at home so you can see why I like to have a break sometimes!
I will happily give you ideas about places to visit in and around London too.

Looking forward to hearing about you.

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3 bedroom house
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Own bedroom and bathroom
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United Kingdom
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just 5 minutes walk from the shops and 15 minutes walk from the underground-Northern Line. There are plenty of buses too.
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English classes are available at the Lexis School in Finchley, a short bus ride away.
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Some English
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The family need someone fairly mature and friendly with a decent level of English. Ideally someone who wants to be quite independent and has either experience with special needs or is flexible enough and happy to learn about autism.