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Family id:



United Kingdom



Christian, Church of England
Preferred Start Date:
30 June 2019
Minimum stay:
5 months


Hello! (We have specified a preferred duration of 12 months, however this duration can be flexible). Our family situation is that we have 2 dogs: Bess our black labrador 9 years whom we brought back from Florida to England where we had resided for 16 years and Cash our new long haired German Shepherd pup 4 months. Those 2 have now bonded together and love each other. They are both extremely intelligent dogs, Bess and I are currently training up Cash to our standards. During your stay with us I may (not definitely) have to make a short business trip to the USA where we have business and property interests during which time we would ask you to visit the 2 dogs daily in the kennels we have already selected which are located on a farm near to us. We are located on the heritage North East coast of England which is rich in history and scenery: Seaham Harbour, which was originally an Anglo Saxon (and earlier) village named Sea Hamlet (Sea village). We still have the oldest Anglo Saxon Church in England which was raided by the Vikings in the 700’s and those guys burned the original wooden roof off.

We are also in the music business to some extent hence the video which is my nephew, Matty Smith, his band is Social Room: Matty is the lead singer and guitarist and writes the music and lyrics. The rather interesting thing is that this video was shot last year on one of our home town beaches. Even more interesting is the fact that this beach is called the Blast and used to be completely contaminated with coal and coal dust but is now completely returned to being clean and wonderful as are the sea waters themselves just like those old coal miners would have wished it to be. Intriguing is that the scenes of the girl in the video were shot in Los Angeles and the final video was mixed there: The girl is the daughter of Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones which is still quite amazing to us. There is plenty more of Matty Smith and Social Room on You Tube if you are interested in that type of music, (They are Indi Rock genre).

If you do not have a driving license already we would be prepared to finance and train you to pass your driving test in the UK, if you so wish. You would then have the use of a vehicle as necessary.

In addition to living in excellent accommodation with all amenities and with a good rate of pay you would have the opportunity to develop your English to higher levels if you so wished (as explained in another section of these details) and perhaps also learn something about the real estate business both in the UK and in Florida USA if you so wished where we still maintain business and property interests as I mentioned.


The Smiths

Pets in the home:
2 dogs but they are family not pets
Will we accept a Smoker?:
Only Outside
Own furnished room in home: Your room will have a high definition smart tv, internet access etc
Type of home:
Gender preference:
Own furnished room in luxury home: Your room will have a high definition smart tv, internet access etc
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
Yes good rate of pay and additional hours if you wish
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
United Kingdom
Families language/s:
English, (Advanced education including a high level of business and legal communications experience which would benefit anyone wishing to improve their English language proficiency)
Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
Yes, from time to time for the 2 dogs Our 'bairns' (That's dialect). Also I personally may have to make a short business trip to the USA during your stay with us and we would then wish you to visit the 2 dogs in the kennels we have already chosen which are on a farm close to us personally
Available Transport:
Use of a car as necessary if you can drive
Language school:
Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle Universities and language school facilities
Will we need you to Shop?:
Possibly if circumstances require
Free time:
Very flexible around the hours you work
Essential Language/s:
English but as I indicated help will be provided to improve your English language skills
Use of a vehicle?:
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Well you could make breakfast sometimes even if it was just your own. Possibly take the dogs for a walk in the parks or at the beach once we have trained you to handle them because they are so precious. Feed the dogs perhaps once we have trained you in their respective diets. If you do not have a driving license already we would be prepared to finance and train you to pass your driving test in the UK

PM Duties:


We do sponsor two children through Childfund International charity: A boy in Brazil and a girl in the Philippines. We would allocate the responsibility to you to maintain communications with these two kids on our behalf: They write reports on how they are doing in school and progressing generally and stuff and they need to be responded to. You could coordinate that.

Any Special Needs:

Our children are 2 dogs: Bess 9 years old black labrador whom we brought back to England from Florida after having resided there for 16 years, and Cash 4 months old long haired German Shepherd who is under my training to be a hearing aid dog


We all love good nutritious food