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5 months


Let me first introduce my self and my family.
My name is Vadim.
I am 37 years old. I am a commercial director of our family company.  I have graduated 2 universities. I have studied English in Malta. I passed IELTS academic exam in 2004. I use English in my business very often, I read and write official letters, I prepare some clauses of international contracts, I responsible for cooperation to our foreign partners in English. Unfortunately my English is not as much good as I wish. I suggest first of all because of rare practice and do not improve my language and skills since I complete Malta English school.
My wife name is Marina. She is the same age as me. She has graduated also 2 university and she has philosophy doctor degree. She works as a engineer and she makes calculations of different steel constructions, she is also repo subtle for steel towers design and modeling. She has some basic English language knowledges, she has good gramma and has good vocabulary but she doesn’t have speaking skills because of. I practice at all.
My Daughter name is Anna. She is 8 years old. This is one of the best school in Kazakhstan. She passed her entrance exam to this school and has passed all tests. This school has officially 3 education languages. Beginning from 5 year of education they will have several subjects in English such as math, physics, chemistry etc., history, literature will be in Russian and some other subjects will be in Kazakh. At the moment she has English nearly every day at school but English language education program is not enough and we do not see any positive resolute.
One of My sun name is Maxim. He is 6 years old. In 2019 he starts education at school. He also have several English lessons in his kinder garden where he studies. I spite of the fact that he studies English Almost 4 years He doesn’t speak English absolutely.
My youngest sun is 1 year and 2 month. He knows only 2 words, Mama and Papa. ?
I also would like to tell you that I have nephew his name is Pavel. He is 12 years old. He studies English for 6 years, she has personal English lessons several times a week. He spend one month in English school in Malta, in the same school as me. He has better English than my kids but also doesn’t have enough practice and knowledges.
Our financial situation is stable. I live in the city center of Taldykorgan city, I have a big 3 levels house that is around 550 m2, I have a gym, 2 saunas, pool, and garden. My brother and his family lives next to me in the similar house. My father and mother live in a flat that is located in 400 meters. Actually we have a big family and live clause to each other.
About our city. Our city name is Taldykorgan, it is located in 250 km a way from Almaty. Our city is a center of Almaty region therefore all region government is located here. City population is around 150 000. We have different activities and of course that is very important we have good weather and a lot of pictures places, we are surrounded my mountains and we have several big lakes that are very close to us.
About nature and summer time weather conditions. Normally summer time weather is stable and good, temperature is around 30C. There are a lot of places for swimming, it is possible to go to mountains it is possible to have a good fishing, hunting and if you like pick up mushrooms and different berries.
About our family hobbies. We like sport and activities. I have ATV, high power water scooter, wave boarding, sailing boat etc, we play tennis, love riding bikes and all other things that have wheels.
I have many friends here and all of them are very unusually and outstanding people. I have friend who has English school and he has English camp. He is also interested in the invitation of some foreign teacher for his daughter and sun English language education. My friend name is Valera. He has very good English but even he has English language school it is very big problem to study own kids. Actually he has an experience in the invitation English volunteers for summer time. He takes all care about them and organize different activities and some travel programs for them. He makes they stay here happy and makes them to have a lot of fun.
I also have another friend who is also interested in the same way of summer education. His name is Maxim, he has 9 years old daughter and 2 years sun. The same problem with English language his family has.
About accommodation, we would
Like to offer two options, one is a 80m2 flat that is located next to us, another is a private individual house that is located next to My friend house. It may be discussed in details.
Time for education and free time also a meter of discussion and will be confirmed when we make the summer education program.
Sorry for such a long story above, but I suggest that it is important to explain you our situation.
Now please let me explain my position and what I wish.
I would like to have an advance agreement to some language teacher in advance for summer time education in Kazakhstan. I would like to discuss and design some education program that will be acceptable and optimal for us and for teacher. I understand that it could be difficult decision for English teacher come to Kazakhstan and may be there are some things that you may afraid off because you have never been there. I also would like to organize several travels in some popular places because when we travel we more relax and have more time for discussions. I would like to have all advanced agreement about English payment terms and values. I would like to discuss and also have an agreement about accommodation and all other important things that may should be decided in advance. So there is enough time before summer and I wish to have all agreements and discussions in advanced. May be it would be better to arrange some visit before summer and discuss all things here. You spend short time now and both of us will have clear understanding for summer time. I suggest that summer time stay should be one or two months.
What I expect from English summer teacher. Because all of as have different English levels we probably will need to have several individual lessons per week, we would also need to have common activities that may practice English as much more as it is possible. As I said above we will organize several trips during English teacher stay here, I suggest we may go to 3 lakes, mountain and to Almaty and may be to Astana. We will practice all our trips English. We would like to push our kids speak English. If English teacher comes with child it would be highly appreciated becouse of kids could play and also practice.
I suggest that this summer practice should not be considered such as standard school education it should be considered such as family vocation.
Hope my ideas are explained well.
I wish to discuss and prepare all things in advanced.

Pets in the home:
Will we accept a Smoker?:
A private gyp, spa, saunas, swimming pool, sport play yard, table tennis
Type of home:
A private house 550 m2
Gender preference:
I will offer a flat that is next to our house. The flat is 80 m2.
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
to be agreed
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Do we have a cleaner?:
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Language school:
Yes there is
Will we need you to Shop?:
No need
Free time:
As much as it is required
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Children education and activities

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Some activities or may be travels around our city by bikes

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