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United Kingdom


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  • London
  • Posted 12 months ago
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15 October 2018
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12 months


I’m a single mum of Ariana- she is one year and 3 months old. She is attending nursery 4 times a week from 8 to 4. Every other Friday morning I have to drop her off to her dad where she is staying till Sunday afternoon. I have a nanny since January but as she is 60 years old lady at the moment I think she can’t manage a child which is starting to walk. Ariana is to fast and nanny is to slow.  I’m worried about my child safety. I need someone who wake up early as Ariana have to be ready for 8am for nursery. I usually pick her up but nanny have to be on stand up call as I might be busy with work and sometimes u will have to pick her up. I eat healthy food . Ordering half prepared meals with cooking instruction which take 30 min. In the morning I need help with preparing basic arianas breakfast and watch her eating while I’m getting ready to work. After nursery when we get home you have to play with her little bit then I bath her at 6 , she is eating supper prepared by you and I put her sleep. Occasionally 2 times a week I might go out in the evening. I need you to help me with basic cleaning , especially in the evening to tidy up toys and mop the floors. Once a week general house cleaning. We have lots of ironing . 4 days in the week when she is in nursery you can do this cleaning and ironing. When on the weekends Ariana is with us I’m trying to find some activities and go out with her . I will need your help every other weekend . When she is with dad , you are free. I run business called motivation academy. If you speak different language I might give you extra job. Xmas we spend at home so you can go home as well. I like to travel so you can’t be scared to travel. If you want to study in uk I might help you to enrol to university.

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Room with london view and bathroom
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United Kingdom
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English polish
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