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United Kingdom


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1 December 2018
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12 months


The  family consists of  Mum,  Dad and Cara (18), James (16), Robbie (16) and Charlie who is 13. So there is one girl- Cara, and three boys. The 3 boys are all in school, in Tunbridge Wells (about 10 miles away by bus).


Cara is at University now and will only be around in the holidays. James is at a School called Skinners and Robbie and Charlie are going to school in Tunbridge Wells. James takes the train and walks and Robbie and Charlie take the bus from near our house.. We also have 2 dogs called Max and Fred, who are Cocker Spaniels. Max is 8 years old and Fred is nearly 4. Max is very gentle and loving and Fred is bouncy and runs around a lot and loves his ball.


We live in a lovely picture postcard, old fashioned type of Kent farm house with a large garden – called an Oast House, which we have been updating with a lovely new kitchen and bathrooms + a new bedroom for Robbie- upstairs in the old oast section. We are 30 mins from London on the train, but live in a beautiful market town of Sevenoaks, which has the movies and theatre, a good leisure centre with pools and a gym, and all the shops and bars, you could need close by, as well as lots of restaurants.


We are an active family that loves sport and the kids swim, play football, cricket and rugby, table tennis, and run and cycle. Mum and Dad also love their sport – Mum spinning and Pilates, swimming and yoga and Dad –spinning and going to the gym.


Mum works 3 days a week from home- and is there to help out a lot with organising the kids and Dad works in London and leaves as 05.30am every day and does quite a lot of travelling to Europe and Brazil.


The Job Description


Below we would like to outline various details with regard to salary, duties and responsibilities etc.


Working Hours


The job will involve working for 3 slightly longer days a week and 2 shorter ones, assisting Mum. Mum usually works 3 days a week, on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (from home), From 8-4pm.


The hours for a typical working week for you, would look like the following;


Monday           : 7am to 9am and 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Tuesday           : 7am to 11am and 2.30pm 7.30pm

Wednesday      : 7am to 11am and 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Thursday         : 7am to 11.00am and 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Friday              : 7am to 9 and 2.30 to 7.30pm.


Total Hours 41- but we can be flexible on this, if it seems too much and you need more time to yourself and for English lessons.


All your weekends are free. Very occasionally we might ask you if you wish to work at a weekend, as we may have to do something which does not involve the children. If this was the case it is not obligatory (i.e. you do not have to do it) and we would pay you extra which would be mutually agreed, and we would give plenty of advance notice.


Also the kids have a week’s half term holiday in February,May, and October and it would be good if you are able to work during the day and we can pay you separately for this.




You will be entitled to 4 weeks holiday on an annualised basis (i.e. for 12 months of working) or 2 weeks for 6 months + Plus public holidays. The kids will have 2 weeks holiday at Easter and it would be better, if you did not take more than a few days then, as Mum and Dad are going to be working.




The salary we are offering is £150 per week.





This would include up to 2 nights of baby sitting during the week. Babysitting on Friday, Saturday will be paid additional at £5 net per hour subject to a maximum of £20 per night. In reality, we very rarely go our 2 nights a week, but school meetings/ teacher consultations/ school concerts and Christmas plays etc happen and it is helpful to have some flexibility.


Duties and Responsibilities


Your duties will include the following;


  1. To have lots of fun with the kids and be happy with our family.
  2. Helping prepare breakfast.
  3. Helping get the children ready for school, and tidying their rooms with them.
  4. Taking the children to the bus stop for their school bus.
  5. Picking the children up from bus stop after school (we do seem to have to drive to Tunbridge Wells 2 times a week though for football/ rugby or other after school activities).
  6. Taking the children to and from after school activities e.g. football, athletics, Edge Training etc.
  7. Assisting with school homework – Robbie and James have quite a lot of studying and often want to ask your advice. James and Charlie all study Spanish and French and would like some help. Charlie has more and more homework now- and we have to focus him to do one hour a night.


Robbie and Charlie are studying Spanish as well!

  1.  Assisting with preparation of children’s meals & clearing up afterwards.
  2. Doing children’s washing and ironing. You do not have to do Zoë’s ironing unless you want to or have spare time, but it is a great help if you can iron Martin’s shirts for work please.
  3. Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and load and unload the dishwasher and washing machine, and vacuum and generally help keep the house tidy. Some room’s

Will require more regular more cleaning than others but this can be discussed when you arrive.

  1. Assisting with the family shopping. The supermarket is only 2 minutes away by car.

We will encourage you to get the children to assist you with tidying their rooms, cleaning up after meals, and their play room etc, we try and have a rota, where each kid helps with one chore a night- but it can be hard to patrol, and obviously we will help with cleaning & clearing up too when we are at home.


You will have no accommodation costs, food, household insurance, car insurance, taxes or utility bills (i.e. electricity, gas and water) to pay. Any local telephone calls or calls associated with the job we will pay for, but any long distance calls we will ask you to pay for, and we recommend you have a mobile or phone card. You may wish to have an annual travel policy.

Any travel costs associated with the job (including if we take flights together) we will pay for. We may still have our house in France, and it would be great if you would like to come there with is for a few days.

Mobile Phone

You will need a mobile phone that works in England for the duration of your stay. We can help you source one in the UK when you arrive- if you don’t have one. We need to give the mobile number to James, Robbie &Charlie so that they can contact you. Sometimes the kids have accidents or forget things or miss the bus and they have to be able to update you- so you don’t waste time. Also the school usually request that they have your contact details, if you are involved in pickups and drop offs.

We are happy to give you some money towards your monthly cost of this, if you end up using it a lot for the kids during the week.

 The Car

You will be able to drive and will be insured for our family car when we are not using it, but will have full use during the course of your job. If and when you use the car for your personal use- either long or a regular number of short journeys, we will we ask you to make a small contribution towards petrol costs.


You will have your own double bedroom with the use of satellite TV (paid for by us) and use of a bathroom with the children.

We do not mind you having friends come to stay with you (but not too many at once!!), but please give us plenty of notice.

You will have use of our family computer and internet at no cost unless you incur substantial costs. There is also an internet connection in your bedroom and every aupair so far has brought their own laptop.

We will assist with you opening a bank account in Sevenoaks and getting a doctor, and or dentist, if this is required.

We will do our best integrate you into the local community by meeting other au pairs / nannies.

We hope that the above outlines clearly your roles and responsibilities. If there is anything that your feel has not been clarified please do not hesitate to ask us. You will find that we are both fairly relaxed and flexible and we will treat you as an extension of the family, so if anything does not feel quite right just let us know.

This brief is really just the start of the conversation- if you think that it sounds sensible and fair, but there are elements that you would like us to change, this is not a problem, we are very fair and caring employers and we want you to be happy and feel like you are a welcome member of the family. We are also flexible on the hours if you want to do less.

Once we have talked about this, and how it works for both parties, we can prepare a copy for you and us and the agency to sign and then we can work on an arrival date and start thinking about how you will get here.

Kind Regards



We now have an aupair from Almondbury and would like a someone to replace him in December 2018. Please get in touch with:  admin@aupair-agency.com if you are interested.




Pets in the home:
2 dogs
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yes - £150 per week
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United Kingdom
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yes sometimes
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