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12 months


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We live in a charming town called Bois le Roi, between river and forest, not far from the famous city of Fontainebleau. A lot of outdoors activities are possible in Bois le Roi, and for those who like to walk in the big city Paris is only half an hour by train (train station is 3 minutes’ walk from our house).

We have 4 kids aged 11,9,7 and 3, they are all going to school (the three elder in Fontainebleau, in schools with Anglophone section) and the little one in pre-school in Bois le Roi, not far from where we live.
We are both working in Paris although given as from September we will be living separately Stéphanie and myself (two house close by one from the other) we will be taking care of the kids one week each and when we have the kids we stay home to be able to take care of them for homework and dinner.

Couple of things that matters to us are:
1) That our au pair feel good with us as this is an important year for you and your development
2) That we have a good relationship together and we can trust each other (as entrusting someone with your children means a lot)
3) We want our au pair to speak English with the kids as they have been used to that and we want them to keep it up (we would speak French with you of course)

We love to have an au pair at home as it is really an opportunity to open ourselves and our family to a new person, a new culture and also to offer an opportunity for you to discover our culture and family.

In our main house, we have a separate apartment in the backyard which our au pair use to sleep and live – it has its own bathroom.

We hope to hear from your soon and chat on Skype or telephone. I can also send you some pictures of the kids so you can discover more about our family.
Stéphanie is working part time so Wednesday her weeks is at home and can spend some time around and with the kids as they have a lot of activities on Wednesdays.

Our hobbies are, cooking, spending good time with friends, have fun with kids, enjoying our immediate environment (forest and river)

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Only Outside
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