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English native speaker

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1 March 2018
Minimum stay:
12 months


Who we are

Hello, I am Susanne and I am 38 year old. My husband Hayo is 45. We have two kids, Leopold called Leo (a boy aged 3) and Amalia (a girl aged 1).

I am a lawyer and tax advisor and work for an international law firm in Frankfurt. Currently I am on maternity leave. My plan is to return in spring 2018 and to work part time (from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Hayo is running his own small cap private equity company which is also based in Frankfurt.

We both we are not originally from Frankfurt but have moved here about 10 and 17 years ago. I was born and raised in Paderborn. During school time I took part in several exchange programs with French schools and spent some time in France and L’Île de las Réunion. I studied law in Würzburg, Munich and Bristol (UK). After university I did an internship in a law firm in Madrid (Spain). My first job finally took me 2007 to Frankfurt were I met Hayo.

Hayo was born and raised in Radebeul close to Dresden. For reason of family tradition, after school Hayo studied two years dentistry in Berlin as literally all members of his family are doctors or dentists. But soon he felt that medicine was not the right choice for him and he decided to work as a broker in Cologne and to study economics in evening classes. In 1999 he moved to Frankfurt to work as an investment banker. Before starting his own business in 2013, he worked 8 years for a UK private equity firm. He took part in an executive MBA program in France, the Middle East and Singapore in 2011/2012.

We are both fluent in English. I speak some French and Spanish and Hayo some Russian. We love art, theater, opera, sports, and traveling.

Our son Leopold was born in July 2014. He is a curious and lively child with a good sense of humor. He loves to play with his friends, stay outside, do puzzles or ride his bike. He is already a little bookworm. In the morning and in the evening we always have to read with him. Since the age of 15 months he visited a day-care. This summer he started with nursery school (Kindergarten) where he stays from about 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Amalia was born in September 2016. She was the calmest baby you can imagine. Now as she is a toddler she follows Leo’s footsteps and becomes more lively and curious. She will visit a day-care as of January 2018 and stay there also from about 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. The day-care is located in the same building as Leopold’s nursery school not far away from our home.

So far the children do only understand (and in the case of Leo also speak) German. We think that it would be a good opportunity that they also learn some English. Therefore it would be ideal if you are fluent in English and – besides learning German yourself – speak English with them.


Where we live

We are currently building a house in Bad Soden am Taunus which is only 15 km away from the city center of Frankfurt am Main. For more than ten years we lived in the very center of Frankfurt in a nice and calm residential area. Since the children were born we longed to move to the countryside also having an own garden. After a long search we found the perfect spot directly at the edge of the woods. We will move into our house in January or February 2018.

For us this move is the perfect compromise of living close to nature but still being able to enjoy city live, as Frankfurt is only a stone’s throw away. To get to Frankfurt it only takes 20 minutes by car or about 40 minutes by bus and metro train.

Our house is located at the upper area of Bad Soden in a pure residential area besides a forrest area. It is absolutely quiet and beautiful. Supermarket and nursery school are within walking distance. As the area is however quite hilly, it might be the better choice to take a car or bus, that also has a stop in 5 minutes walking distance.

The house has three levels with a separate smaller apartment in the ground-floor (above ground level) for you, from where you have direct access to the garden. The flat is located next to the guest room which we occasionally might also use as a home office. The ground-floor has a separate entry, which you could use. Therefore you should be quite undisturbed if you want to.

You are of course always welcomed to take part in our family life! We have a piano and want to install a small exercise room which you can also use.


Everyday life in our family on weekdays/your help


The day starts with Leo’s (and I suppose soon also Amalia’s) book reading session at 6.30/7.00 a.m. After getting ready we have a small breakfast together. Before driving to work, Hayo or me will bring the children to day-care/nursery school at about 8.30 a.m.

You should help us to get the children ready or to help preparing and clearing away breakfast. Only if I should be sick while Hayo is traveling and not around to bring the children to day-care/nursery school, you should bring them.

After breakfast you will have time off e.g. in order to visit your language classes.


Leo and Amalia will be in day-care/nursery school until about 3.30 p.m. As I work part time I will mainly pick them up. Probably once a week I will work a whole day. On this day or if I occasionally should have to work longer, you should pick them up.

Before we come home you should load/unload the dish washer or washing machine and clean the table from the rests of breakfast should we not have done so in the morning. Occasionally you might have to do some minor shopping (e.g. pharmacy, dry cleaner or bakery). You will definitely not have to carry heavy stuff!

I want to spend as much time as possible with the children in the afternoon. Occasionally I might have to do phone calls in the afternoon, do afterwork preparation or need some minutes for myself to relax. Therefore you should always be around but as a rule we do not expect you to do child care alone the whole afternoon (except for the day I am working longer).

Probably twice a week Leo will do sports/have music lessons. During that time you might have to watch for Amalia if I do not take her with me.

If we do a trip to the zoo or something similar on weekdays you might come with us in order to help us with the children.


The evening starts with dinner at about 6.30/7.00 p.m. We have a traditional German dinner for weekdays (Abendbrot). This means we are eating bread, cold cuts, cheese etc. We do not cook on weekdays. After dinner and before I prepare the children for the night, the kids have an evening book reading session. The children go to bed at about 8 p.m.

Hayo often comes back home late, so we need your assistance also in the evening. You should help me preparing/clearing away dinner and help me to prepare the children for the night. You also might have to bring one of them to bed. We have to figure this out as currently both of them are sleeping in the same room, however, in our new house have separate rooms.

After the children went to bed you will have your time off if we do not need you for babysitting.


On the weekends as a rule you have time off, however, you are also invited to share our family live and activities. Only if we want to go out Friday or Saturday night you should stay at home for child care. We will of course discuss the dates with you upfront and ensure that you have enough time to take part in social life and see your friends. We assume that we might go out one night every week

From time to time Hayo has to work the whole weekend. If this is the case I would be happy if you could assist me a bit also on the weekends (e.g. join us if we go to the zoo). This will be more the exception than the rule and we would discuss this in advance so that you can make your plans. Again, we will ensure that you have your time to relax on the weekends.


You will have holidays to fly home to your family or make other trips. We ask you only to discuss the dates with us in advance so that we can coordinate our daily life.

We also would mainly take you with us in our holidays (if you are not in parallel have an own holiday and have own plans). We normally would do one or two shorter summer holidays (1-2 weeks) and one winter holiday trip (1 week). Additionally, we do weekend trips within Germany and to other places in Europe. As the kids are still young, currently our trips would mainly be across Europe.


What we expect

As I already mentioned we love to spent much time with our kids Leo and Amalia. Plus I want to have the control over our household, so also in this regard I want to do as much as I can on my own. We also have household support from a cleaning lady who does the general cleaning, laundry and ironing.

As Hayo practically is mainly not there during the week in order to assist me, I need someone as assistance and back up so that I can organize everything and also find some time for me to relax.

This means:


As described above we need you in the morning, the afternoon and the evening to assist us with the children (helping getting them ready, playing with them, preparing them for the night).

In the afternoon I need you more as support or back up. This means that you do not have to spend all the time with us but you should be around in case I need you (e.g. because I am having to do a call or to finish some work). It would also be nice if you could spent some time with the children (30 minutes) directly after we come home so that I have some time to organize things. From time to time I also would like to spend some time with one of the children alone, e.g. for sports or other activities. In this case you should take care of the other one. The same applies if I need to go to the doctor with one of them.

This will only be different on the days I am working fully (only once a week) and when one of the children should be sick. In the latter case I will mainly stay at home if one of them is sick. However, should they be okay but simply not be allowed to go to day-care/nursery school, you should stay with them at home until I return from work.

Occasionally also on weekdays we might need you for watching for the children after they went to bed (e.g. if there is a parent-teacher conference in the day-care/nursery school or if we want to see some friends). We will discuss this with you of course in advance. This job should be pretty easy since the children are very good sleepers.


It would be nice if you assist us during the week also with some tasks in the household. On the weekend you do not have any duties in this regard. We have however the rule that every family member is helping to clear the table after breakfast and dinner so that would also apply to you.


You would help to prepare breakfast/dinner on weekdays. We are having a typical German short breakfast and dinner on weekdays. Preparing breakfast/dinner means only putting everything on the table we need such as butter, bread, assorted cheese, glasses of jam etc. After breakfast and dinner you would help to clear the table and the kitchen. Since we are not cooking on weekdays this is not much work. Additionally you would help to load/unload the dish washer and wash the pacifiers and the suckers of Amalia’s milk bottles by hand. This takes me not more than five minutes per day.


I will sort the laundry (you do not have to do it) and as a rule also load the washing machine and the dryer. You would unload and reload it when I am not there. This saves us a lot of time! Our cleaning lady irons a lot of the laundry. You would fold and put back the remaining part which is not ironed to the proper places. This is not overly time consuming and currently takes me about 30 minutes once or twice a week.

Working hours:

In general we will ensure that you will not have to work longer than five hours per day (usually it will be less!). Only in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. if I should be ill) it could be more. We will, however, compensate you with additional spare time if this is the case.


Your Application

We look for an au pair that is well fitting for us to support us and join our family live. We will provide you with good support to learn German and the German culture. We are looking forward to get your application.

Will we accept a Smoker?:
Au-Pair annex
Type of home:
House with garden
Gender preference:
sepparate appartment in our house
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
260-300 EUR
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Do we have a cleaner?:
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Available Transport:
car, train, bus
Language school:
yes, Frankfurt am Main or Eschborn
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yes, but only minor shopping
Essential Language/s:
English / German
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English native speaker
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