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American or Canadian (but would accept anyone!)

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Christian (non-denominational)
Partners Religion:
Christian (non-denominational)
Minimum stay:
2 months


We are Americans who are currently living outside of Toronto, Canada, and moving to Bogotá, Colombia, due to Dave’s job with a large multinational company. We will move in early January. We speak very limited Spanish at this point, but will be working to improve our Spanish. We would like to take a trusted person with us, who is fluent in both English and Spanish, to help with childcare and other tasks as we settle in.

More about us—
Dave is an executive with a pharmaceutical company, and I’m a full-time homemaker. We have three children. Our daughter, Lena, is eight years old. She is sweet, energetic, loves animals and science, likes to be outdoors, and loves to read. Our twin boys are four years old. Felix is 1 minute older but smaller, loves to play “pretend” games with his sister, loves to colour and draw, and is sometimes stubborn. He is shy with strangers but more social once you know him. Max is 1 minute younger but taller, loves to build things with Duplo blocks, loves to be outside, likes puzzles and sports, and has a special bond with his dad and his grandpa. He is sweet and generous with his siblings (fights are rarely his fault) but is still learning to deal appropriately with his strong emotions. Our Christian faith is important to our family, but we are respectful of the individual beliefs of potential nannies, and a difference in faith is not a problem for us as long as there is mutual respect. We have many friends and family members who visit frequently—we almost always have houseguests—so an au pair would need to be flexible with changes in routine to accommodate guests.

More about the hours—
The children are in school full-time, and I will want weekday evenings with them myself to hear about school and connect with them. My husband and I would like to be able to have a date night each week, and there will be other occasional childcare hours—such as watching the twins while I go to my daughter’s extracurricular activities, helping with the boys while I do homework with Lena, or splitting up at the social club to take children to their various activities. I think the total hours of childcare would be modest—probably about 10-20 hours per week, with some weeks busier than others. There would be additional hours (details below) totaling no more than 20 hours per week, assisting me with errands and other tasks.

More about what we’re looking for—
In addition to childcare, and maybe more importantly, I would like someone who is fluent in both Spanish and English and can help me with all the things I need to do as we get settled in Bogotá. Specifically, we will need to hire local household help and communicate our expectations to them, I will need to navigate grocery stores, pediatricians, and other necessary activities as we settle in. Some issues that I know will be challenging with my limited Spanish relate to care of the children, but would not be described as childcare. For example, our daughter has a severe allergy to tree nuts. When we hire a housekeeper it will be imperative to properly train her in what to look for when she cooks and shops. I would like the nanny we hire to be able to help me communicate this and other important things. The allergy will also have to be communicated at our social club and in other situations. We do not expect an au pair to do any housework, other than keeping her own room clean, but I might ask for help with simple tasks while unpacking and getting the house settled. (Helping me hang pictures, organizing the children’s toys as I unpack.) Additionally, we would like to get a puppy when we arrive, and I would like someone who would be enthusiastic about helping with puppy care. (I would primarily care for the puppy, but a dog-lover who does not mind doing the occasional walk, feeding, playtime, etc. would be appreciated.)

So, what we’re looking for is part nanny, part translator, part personal assistant for me. I would expect the translation/accompanying me on errands during the day while the kids are in school to be no more than 20 hours per week—probably more at first and less as time goes on and I learn to navigate by myself in Spanish. We would like to hire someone for just two months while we settle in, but would be open to extending that through the summer if it’s a really fantastic fit.

Will we accept a Smoker?:
Details to come.
Pets in the home:
We do not currently have any pets. However, we would like to get a puppy when we move. If we don't get a puppy, we would like to get a cat.
Type of home:
Shopping for our house in Bogota this week--will have details next week.
Gender preference:
Details to come--we are house-shopping in Bogota this week.
Pocket money:
Do we have any pets?:
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Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
Available Transport:
Details are still being worked out but we will likely have a driver.
Language school:
Do not know.
Will we need you to Shop?:
Yes, assistance with shopping.
Free time:
We need weekend "date night" babysitting, in addition to the weekday duties outlined above. Other than that, weekends should be "off.." Hours would not exceed 30 per week.
Essential Language/s:
Spanish, English
Use of a vehicle?:
American or Canadian (but would accept anyone!)
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Assist me with errands and other tasks.

PM Duties:

Play with the twins while I help Lena with homework after school. (Some days--not every day.)

Any Special Needs:

My daughter has a severe (anaphylactic) allergy to cashew and pistachio. One of my sons, due to premature birth, has respiratory issues--when the other kids catch a cold, his frequently turns into pneumonia. Because of this, we are more careful about exposing him to seasonal illnesses (i.e. common cold) than we would otherwise be.


Severe allergy to cashew and pistachio. Nothing that "contains" or "may contain" or "processed in a facility that also processes" tree nuts. (Peanut is ok.)

Other requirements:

See "description" field above