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  • Munich
  • Posted 11 months ago
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15 November 2017
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12 months


Dear Nanny,

We are living in Munich-Harlaching. We have three young children living with us: Maila (1 year old), Sophia (7 years old), and Zahra (9 years old). We also have two older daughters, who are with us every second weekend: Jule (16 years old) and Paulina (19 years old).

We live in a large 7-bedroom house (there is also an office for Manuela and Florian, a fitness room, a sauna room, and other ancilliary rooms) with a large garden in Harlaching – a nice residential area of Munich near the Isar river. A tram leaves 200 meters from our house every 10 minutes and brings you to downtown Munich in about 15-20 minutes. Shopping, etc. is also available in the vicinity of the house. You would have your own room including your own bathroom. A possibility is although are own room in a student flat or small flat in the near, but we think that this is something we would search with you.

During some vacations or rarely for a long weekend, we fly to a lot of Places in the world and our home in the south of France (near Cannes). For the ski season we also rent a house in the Alpes (about 1.5 hours drive).

Manuela is a fashion as well as an interior designer. She has also worked as a fashion expert on TV. Manuela, who is half German and half Kenyan, does not intend to work again for the coming two years.

Florian is an entrepreneur and invests into medium sized companies in German speaking countries as well as in East Africa. He has spent five years in the United States (including time at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Stanford University). Due to his work, Florian is travelling frequently.

Zahra is an energetic and positive girl, who is in 4th grade at primary school at the moment. Zahra loves activities including tennis, horse back riding, drawing, and handcrafting. She especially enjoys, if she can be around friends .

Sophia also enjoys reading and playing by herself. She plays tennis and likes horse back riding. She loves to draw, to handcraft and to play with all kinds of toys. She has no problem being by herself and read animal books or play in the garden or in her room.

Maila is a happy child and at the moment loves to run around the house and open and empty all drawers. She very much enjoys when people are around her.

Jule and Paulina have had several American au-pairs and really enjoyed the experience. We/they are still in excellent contact with most of them. Jule is in 11th grade while Paulina is just starting college in Munich.

We employ a housekeeper, who comes every weekday for about 6 hours. Hence, all household members (including parents, children and au-pair) only have to do light household tasks like filling the dishwasher, etc.. We currently also have two female students, who help Zahra and Sophia with their studies as well as help babysitting from time to time. In household your job would be to take care of the children stuff which is “flying around” every day , we would be happy if u do it with the children.

We would like to offer our Nanny the possibility to live with a German family while still being able to have sufficient private time and space. We are looking for somebody, who enjoys being around children, who has a big heart and a lovely way to communicate but who is still strict and makes the children adhere to rules.

Depending on our discussions, we would expect you to help us no more than 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day. You would have significant times off, where you can take language classes and/or do other things. We also would expect you to have two full days off during each week. Your salary depends on your  experience and we are very open to bargain a fair salary.

You are invited to join us for family activities including week-end family trips (e.g. skiing) but of course also realize, that you will want to explore Munich and the area without us. You are also welcome to join us on family vacations. We would discuss this with you, such that you can plan early.

The nanny’s responsibilities are only with Zahra and Sophia and Maila. Some of the specific tasks you would probably be responsible for (we would discuss prior, how Manuela and you would split the tasks during the days):

Prepare breakfast (mostly done by Manuela/Florian)
Bring children to school by car or bike.
Pick children up from school by car or bike.
Prepare lunch (mostly done by Manuela)
Ensure, that children are doing or have done their homework (partly done by student).
Enjoy free time with the children (including playing, baking, drawing, handcrafting, going to the zoo bike tour, walking, swimming,,…)
Bring children to their hobbies (horse back riding, ballet, tennis, etc.)
Prepare light dinner for children.
Prepare children to go to bed.

Sometimes we would need help in the evening for babysitting. We would give you early warnings on these occasions.

Very important is a big flexibility! For example: from december until march we go to our house in kitzbühel (a hughe house with pool and every comfort) at weekends and we will need ure help over the day with Maila while we are skiing or sometimes babysitting when we have dinner! We although love to travel, sometimes without children, so there might be some weekends where we need ure full help with the three young ones/ and the housekeeping lady (which is like a grandma to the kids) will although be there!

This is why we surch a nanny.

We would suggest, that Manuela and the nanny discuss the split in responsibilities for the daily routines at the beginning and then discuss once a week (or whenever appropriate) possible changes.

All of us are looking forward to meet and get to know you. We hope and believe that you will enjoy the time with our family.

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German, english, french
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15 min
Will we need you to Shop?:
only small things, like a bread from bakery if some is missing...
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AM Duties:

breakfast, school running

PM Duties:

bring the children to their activities , play with them, read with them, bring them to bed