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  • Posted 4 months ago
Preferred Start Date:
1 October 2017
Minimum stay:
12 months


Nanny Job in Sunny Oman!

We are a fun loving family with 2 kids and 2 dogs!  Our daughter is 12 and son is 9. We are looking for an au pair/mother’s help for 18-24 months to do school runs and have fun with them! We live in Oman which is about a 4.5 hr drive from Dubai (45 min flight). It is very safe and a beautiful country with beaches and mountains. We live right on the beach and go camping quite a lot to both the mountains and the desert.
We travel both as a family and without the kids as well. When we travel alone we would need the au pair/nanny to look after the kids 24/7.  This would be every 6-7 weeks for about a week at a time.
The kids are in the same school (15 mins drive) and general schedule would be:
Wake up at 7am and would have to be at school by 8.15. Then the nanny would have free time until 3pm unless there are after school activities. Generally I would not need the nanny after 6pm but there are days when we are out and so there would be babysitting 2-3 times per week. On the evenings that we are home the nanny is welcome to go out and is provided a car and fuel.
We are looking for someone mature, independent, fun, and engaging. Someone who reads and loves the outdoors. Loving football is a plus as our son is a little obsessed and plays on 3 teams. Our daughter is extremely creative and loves crafting and gymnastics. They are both very smart and love having intellectual conversations.
We travel to switzerland often as we have a home there. We have 2 dogs (a german short haired pointer and an italian greyhound).
We have other help in the house (cook and housemaid) and so cleaning and cooking are not required but we do expect the nanny/au pair to be able to do both light housekeeping (tidying kids rooms and generally keeping house tidy) as well as teaching the kids to bake and cook small things. They love baking!
We are  looking for someone who is:

Age 22-25

Good Driver


Some experience in child care
Car, fuel and health insurance provided

Food provided (if the nanny is happy to eat what we are eating otherwise she is welcome to use the kitchen to cook her own food but would have to buy that herself)

Studio accommodation provided within the property (en suite)

Pocket money/salary: GBP 1300/month

Oman is tax free

1 month paid leave and ticket home per year. We are always either traveling alone with the kids at easter and during parts of the summer or they are at summer camp so the time off per year usually works out to about 1-2.5 months in total.

1 day off a week (but more likely than not as they are older, there will be quite a few weekends here and there that it would be a 2 day weekend).
Oman is sunny, tax free and absolutely beautiful!
If you love the outdoors, hiking, camping, exploring new places and trying something new then Oman is for you! We would also be happy to pay for language classes.


I have been very lucky to find nannies over the years who have been incredible and all have stayed on in Oman and found other jobs here following their 2 year contract with us. The perks outweigh the salary and it’s an excellent opportunity to travel and experience something new!


Best Regards and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Pets in the home:
2 dogs
Will we accept a Smoker?:
large garden and swimming pool on a private beach
Type of home:
5 bedroom villa
Gender preference:
private studio flat on the grounds of the property
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
Families language/s:
Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
2-3 times per week
Available Transport:
A hybrid Lexus is used for the kids and the nanny will have a Volvo XC60 for personal use
Language school:
10 mins drive
Will we need you to Shop?:
Children's snack and lunch box shopping
Free time:
Daily 8:30am - 3pm and 1-2 day weekend depending on what we are doing that weekend
Essential Language/s:
Use of a vehicle?:
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Get kids ready for school and school drop off

PM Duties:

Collect kids from school, activities, baby sitting when we are out

Other requirements: