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United Kingdom



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12 months


Dear Au Pair

We have received your details from Almondbury Aupair Agency and you seem to be
a perfect match to come and stay with us.

In our family there is me; Jamie, my wife and our 2 children; Bella (5yrs old)
and Jakub (3 yrs old) and not to forget our dog; Jessie. My wife and I are both
restaurateur’s. We have 2 restaurants in Chorlton and 1 in a near by town. Bella goes
to a near by school and Jakub is at home with us. The kids are active, fun, love playing
outside and being creative.

We live in Chorlton, which is a few miles from the centre of Manchester. We love
living in Chorlton. It has many bars, restaurants, coffee shops. It’s next to ‘the
meadows’ which is great for walking, cycling, even kayaking, as there are lakes and
rivers. So on one side you feel like you are close to the countryside yet there is so much
to do being so close to town. We moved here from London 6 years ago and we are
definitely settled here. As I said, we love it.

We live in a typical Manchester 3 bedroom house with a garden. It’s medium sized,
but is a perfect for our family. We have a spare medium sized room for you that has a
TV, radio, bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and we can get a desk if you require. We
also have full internet and WiFi. Your bedroom overlooks the allotments to the rear of
our house.

We would ask you to give us a hand with the kids, a bit of light housework and a few
nights babysitting when we are on night shifts. Also to help us walking the dog. We are
looking for help for around 30-35 hours per week. We will give you a healthy amount
in terms of your pocket money and full bed and board. Of course, if you are here to
study we will work round you and help as much as we can.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope you decide to come and
join our family.

Yours sincerely

Jamie & Goska
Kids & Dog

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own room with TV
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United Kingdom
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English and Polish
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bus or tram (3 mins walk from the family home)
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Friendly and happy family living in Chorlton cum Hardy in Manchester (just 3 miles from the city centre) seek an aupair to help care for their 2 children aged 3 years and 5 years old. Mother and father are both restauranteurs. They live in a house with a garden and have a medium size dog. The family home is well located. You can reach the city centre by bus or tram (3 mins walk from the family home) and each takes only about 5 mins to arrive. There are plenty of language schools in Manchester to choose from. The aupair will have her own room with TV. The family are looking for someone who can be flexible with their working hours and will offer a good rate of pay to the right applicant. All nationalities are considered. Opportunity to discuss the position with current au pair