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12 months


Dear Au pair


We have received your details from Almondbury Aupair agency and have reviewed your details which seem to be a match for what we are looking for.


We are a family of 4 – James my husband is a fund manager in the city and 40 years old. I work as a Regional operations manager for a health and plastic surgery company and am 37 years old. We have 2 little boys Rory – 3 ½ years old and Oscar 2 years old. Both go to nursery and are easy to be around.

We had 2 au pairs so far – One from Germany who lived with us for 11 months and one over the summer holidays for 3 months from Spain and both loved living with us.


We live in a big 4 bedroom house a 5 min walk away from the underground station which will take you within 15 min into London to Liverpool street. We have a lovely garden wtih a lot of space for the kids to play and to entertain. We live in Wanstead which is an area in London with loads of green spaces, a golf course just next to our house and loads of bars restaurants and places to go and meet more au pairs. As this area is a family area there are a lot of au pairs living within a short distane and you can walk everywhere as it is so central. We have a cleaner so dont expect our au pair to clean however we expect everyone to clean after themselves if they cook or make a mess.

Both boys go to nursery , the younger one 3 full days a week from 8-18 and the older every morning from 8-12 and on 2 days the full day. So in the morning you would drop them both off and then in the evening pick them up or Rory would need picking up 3 days a week at 12. In theory you would only have to look after Oscar 2 days a week and rory 3 afternoons – 2 of those oscar is home as well. On the weekends you are always off apart from maybe once a month babysitting on a Saturday.

Monday: Rory nursery 8-12, Oscar at home all day

Tuesday: Both boys in nursery all day (drop off and pick up only)

Wednesday: Rory nursery 8-12, Oscar at home all day

Thursday: Both boys at nursery all day (drop off and pick up only)

Friday: Both boys at nursery (Oscar all day, Rory needs picking up at 12)

Saturday and Sunday: Off

You will have your own bedroom with TV and wifi and you share the bathroom with the kids as we have our own downstairs. We have several reception rooms so enough space for everyone to have a quiet moment or entertain. We are happy for you to bring friends around for playdates or even invite your friends from home to stay from time to time. We pay for your phone so you will have an english number straight away and we pay your pocket money straight into an au pair account so you will have an account here in the UK. We give additional money for cake and tea breaks you might have with the boys if you decide to go somewhere and pay the tube if you take them somewhere of course.


We are an easy going family and our long term au pair always said she had a pretty good deal wtih us and appreciated the way we lived with her.


Please do ask any questions you might have and we are happy to give you our au pairs address for references from our side.


Hopefullly we will hear from you


Ursula, James, Rory and Oscar.


In regards to duties, all we would be looking for is someone to play with our boys, take them to the playground or the woods. Apart from that we only need the washing done which is pretty easy as it goes straight from the washing machine into the dryer and James only needs 5 shirts ironed each week. We do share the cooking duties so some days the au pair cooks and some we do.

We are very flexible with our au pairs and as long as we know in advance we were able to arrange and work around any holidays or days off required.

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4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house
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own double bedroom
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United Kingdom
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Once a fortnight
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German Austrian
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