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12 months


Dear Aupair,


We hope that this will be a good experience for you and us. We are a family of 5. Sam is a 10-year-old boy, Monty is a 9-year-old boy and Mitzi is a 6-year-old girl. We live in Belfast, N.Ireland in a light and airy house, which is 10 minutes from the city centre. The children are normal, happy kids and very active. The boys love football and Mitzi likes violin and sport. I work as a dentist in Belfast and Nick is a property developer who works between Belfast and Kenya.


We have had 5 aupairs over 6 years and all have worked out really well. Their letters are attached and you can speak with them as well if you would like. There are many aupairs in Belfast who meet up regularly. All the aupairs have made friends quickly and easily.


You will have your own comfortable room with the flowery bed, which has a television and a DVD player and access to the Internet. You will be treated as part of the family and you are welcome to eat your meals with us. There are several language colleges nearby where you will be able to improve your English during your stay with us; we will help you to find the right course. There are 2 sitting rooms and a small garden. The aupair shares a bathroom with the children. You will have the use of a car and bike.

Belfast is a medium city in the North of Ireland and has a good shopping centre and other facilities such as cinemas, sports centres, cafes, museums and restaurants. There are also good transport links to Southern Ireland, which also has great cities to visit and beautiful countryside. Irish people are known to be friendly and warm hearted. 

Best wishes,



Testimonies from previous au pairs:

Family here welcome me very nice. I had really a nice time with this family. My room was beautiful. I had a big, comfortable bed, good furniture,tv-dvd , also internet acess. Kids are nice and alive. They enjoying sports. Boys are love playing football. They know everything about this sport. The girl – Mitzi is cute. She likes playing jenga and cards. I liked to spend time with Sam, Monty and Mitzi. Hostparents ( Lucy and Nick ) are nice and helpful. They helped me found a school with english course. The house is big and comfty. It’s close to city centre or Lisburn Road where is a lot a coffee shops. I met a lot of Au Pairs and I spend nice time with them. In Belfast is a lot of shops, coffee shops, the people here very nice, it’s close to Dublin, it’s a lot parks and many places to party. I never forget my family here. Memories will be forever in my mind.




From the moment I met and spoke with the family, I had a really good impression. I think connecting quickly with people is one of the most important things. This is what influenced me most, when I decided to stay with them.

At the end of my time with them, I can honestly say they are a lovely family. When I came, they gave me a very warm welcome. The reason I decided to work abroad, was to improve my English, and from the moment I arrived, they helped me to find good English classes and everything else.

The children are lovely, and I spent a lot of time with the little one in particular. I have to tell you, it was wonderful – I´m sure I’ll miss her a lot. I really liked to play with them, listen to them, laugh with them… I’ve learnt a lot from them. They love to learn new things and they understand everything very quickly. Monty’s reading has improved a lot during this year, and Sam is actually a really good reader – he loves books. The school results were fabulous for both. Mitzi, is very excited because she wants to go to nursery school next year. I’m sure she will make a lot of new friends because she is very sociable. All three are really clever and happy children!

I have learnt different ways of raising children, different ways to do things, different ways to explain things – all in all, it is a different culture for me, and I believe it would be a very positive experience in my life. I’ll never forget them and I’ll always have them in my heart. However, although we shall not see each other face-to-face, we can always use skype to keep in touch.

When my family came to visit me, the host-family was always very courteous with them, and they welcomed them into their home, as if it were their own. I’m really thankful for that.

I made friends really quickly. There are lots of au pairs in Belfast with whom I could share good times and experiences. In my free time, I visited a lot of places in and around Belfast, with my new friends. For the rest of my life, I shall always have these memories and very fulfilling experiences with me.



I lived with family for over two years. The family welcome me very well. I became member of family. They were always very nice and polite. They never hesitated when I needed help or advice. They found for me very good English class for improving my English. I spent time with them on their holidays. I had very nice experience and met interesting people. They always supported me and shared my achievements in my live. I really liked the children. I spent with them very nice time, we visited lots of parks and playing areas, they really liked it. When the time was going on we were touching more and more. They had very good behaviour with me. I became very good friends for them. Children loved to play with me and loved to learn new games. They were very clever and wasn’t difficult to teach them any of the games. They were very happy, helpful and independent children. I will be missed them, but hopefully we will still in touch. The life with family gave me great experiences for whole my life, I will never forget them. It will be always memorable part of my life.


small garden
Type of home:
6 bedroom semi detached house
Gender preference:
wn bedroom with TV and internet access
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United Kingdom
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Is babysitting required?:
Twice a week
Available Transport:
5 minutes walk from the bus stop
Language school:
Belfast city centre with shopping facilities and language classes is just 15 minutes away
Free time:
all Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays+Friday mornings are free
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Do we need a driver?: