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United Kingdom


Hungarian, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Litva, Litvenia, Russian

  • Require Au-Pair+
  • London
  • Posted 2 years ago
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Minimum stay:
6 months


We have decided to find an Au Pair Plus because we need help looking after our children and help with some light housework. We are looking for an au pair plus to be a responsible big sister to our children and to become another member of our family. As it is au pair plus, we feel that our best au pair would be in the age range of 21-24 years old.

We are Russian family but we have been leaving abroad for many years (mostly in the USA and the UK). We are both hard working parents and both work in finance. We have 2 boys – Alex (10 years) and Dmitry (almost 8 years old). Alex is scientist by nature, likes building and constructing things and making experiments. He also enjoys helping with cooking and baking. Dmitry is very social little boy, he likes playing together and inventing different games.

We are very active, love tennis, running and outing around and outside London area. We speak English very fluently and for boys it is more natural to speak English than Russian as they lived all their lives in English speaking environment.

We live in London SE24 North Dulwich which is a very family’s oriented area, on a beautiful street in a very traditional English style. We are well located with just 7-10 min walk to train station and next 12 min to the centre of London to either London Victoria or London Bridge. There are plenty of buses to the centre of the city if you prefer traveling by bus. In our area there are lots of green parks around and you will observe that a lot of people (including me and Vlad) are running and paying tennis over the weekend.  We also have Lido nearby with open swimming pool. We do not have any pets at the moment and we do not smoke. As the location is very convenient to get to the centre there are a lot of choices with English schools that can be easily googled in internet.  There will be plenty of time to attend courses during the working day between 10 am and 3 pm.

We are looking for reliable positive and smiling person (non-smoker and non-vegetarian), that has had experience of leaving alone and taking care about herself. Childcare experience is very welcome but not strictly compulsory, the more important for us is to see that you are very responsible, able to find good rapport with children without being too soft, love cooking, can fit in our family. We mostly need help with family breakfast and ironing as far as light house work is concerned. We have cleaning lady for home cleaning.
In more detail, your working days are from Monday until Friday (1.5 hours in the morning and about 4 hours from 3.30 pm), and half of Saturday (until 12 pm), this is mostly about children routine.
“>Please see below your schedule on working day of the week:
Wake up 5-10 min earlier than children (7am) to get yourself ready and get children ready for school
Help with family breakfast (omelette, porridge, serial, boiled egg, pancakes etc.
Breakfast (7.45 am)
School Drop off
Then you decide how you manage your time as children need to be picked up at around 3.30 pm in the afternoon. You might wish to go outing, enjoy your time and study at courses.
The light housework that needs to be done is mostly sorting out washing and ironing, as well as cooking dinner for children later on. We have a cleaner lady once per week and we do not expect from you any house cleaning apart from after yourself and helping to put dishes in washing machine after family meal time-to-time.
It is important that you love cooking and be able to prepare variety of healthy meals from meat, fish and vegetables. We will need dinner to be prepared every working days as we are both working parents and come late. Basic pasta/chicken or potato/salmon with salad dishes are all what we need, nothing complicated.
After school routine includes: picking up children from school (from 3.30 pm to 4 pm), organising them to make sure they have done their homework, taking them
to nearby park in a sunny day, proving them dinner (around 6 pm), reading and listening stories and managing evening bath and bed routine. Children are usually in a bed by 8 pm.
As you supervise the children’s homework, you need to make sure that they are all ready for the next day (school uniform and school folders are ready, notes for the teacher that the homework was done have been made etc.
In the evening after dinner time, read to children and make them reading to you before bed time as part of their homework.
Do some extra guided study for Dmitry as per my advice, as we are currently preparing a little one for exams in selective school that involves a maximum of 10-15 min math, reading or spelling. We offer pocket money of £120 per week to be paid weekly in the regular school term (i.e. when kids are at school). In additional we will provide £30 per month that includes school related travels and pay as you go mobile card. We will also pay extra pocket money of £50 per week during school breaks as there will be more hours spent with children. This will be offered as an option but if you do not wish to work longer hours during the school break, this can be sorted out without problem. However, we need to know in advance about that to make the arrangements for kids.  If you attend English courses which coincide with a school break we will ensure that you will not have to skip any courses and we will arrange for children an alternative childcare.

Over the weekends, when I and my husband are at home, as a family we are very active. In a good weather we would go outing and sightseeing and you are always welcome to join us. All your expenses during these trips will be paid for you as a family member.

In terms of accommodation, you will have your own room on the first floor; the bathroom will be shared mostly with children. It would be useful if you bring your laptop as we do not have TV in your room at present (only in a living room on the ground floor), but we have unlimited internet.

Due to primary location there will be a lot of opportunities for jogging, play tennis etc.

Saturdays after 12 pm, Sundays and UK bank holidays are not working days for you. Occasional babysitting will be required over the week (very rarely over the weekends) due to school parents’ evenings or other events.

We are very open and trustworthy family looking for a kind hearted enthusiastic person to mix in with our family. If you are interested and would consider being our au pair (plus) please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Will we accept a Smoker?:
Type of home:
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi detached house
Gender preference:
au pair has her own fully furnished room, unlimited internet, bathroom on the same floor is shared with children
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
£510 per month
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
United Kingdom
Families language/s:
English, Russian
Do we have a cleaner?:
Is babysitting required?:
some times as required
Available Transport:
primary location, very easy access to London Bridge or Victoria stations, post code SE24
Language school:
very good school ELT (Clapham Common area), 30 minutes in total including bus travel
Essential Language/s:
Russian (good but not important), important is at least intermediate lever of English
Use of a vehicle?:
Hungarian, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Litva, Litvenia, Russian
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

children morning routine: wake them up, supervise their dress up, give breakfast, school drop off

PM Duties:

pick up children from school, homework, cook dinner, bath time, put the to bed, light housework