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12 months


Dear Aupair

We have received your details from Almondbury Aupair Agency and have reviewed your details. You seem just what we’re looking for.

I’m Mina and my husband is Hajaz and Eshaan is our eldest son, and Samson is our baby. We live in Hampstead, London.

Hampstead (commonly known as Hampstead Village, is an area of London, England, 4 miles (6.4 km) northwest of Charing Cross. Part of the London Borough of Camden, it is known for its intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical and literary associations and for Hampstead Heath, a large, hilly expanse of parkland. It has some of the most expensive housing in the London area.

Our house is a large Victorian conversion it has 3 bedrooms and we live on the top floor with beautiful views of the city. It has a lovely children’s park just at the end of the road and you are minutes away from Hampstead high street; with the supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques, minutes away.

I am currently a Project Manager working in banking and I also like to sing and song write in my spare time. My partner has a drama school and is a very lively actor! I am generally out between 0800 – 1730, but Hajaz is around a lot more as his work is more flexible.

Eshaan is going to be 4 in August! And he is a very active child.  He loves reading, drawing, painting, swimming and riding his scooter. Samson is our beautiful baby who loves to laugh and is very bubbly, he will be one years old in August and is almost walking.

We are a very fun household and are a very active family. We love the outdoors, we take our children camping, skiing and hiking. We are a happy, loving and positive family, looking for someone to take care and nurture our children. As you are, we are eager to learn about your culture too, if you can teach the children a new language that would be wonderful.

We are looking for someone to come in the month of July, and for a minimum of 6 months, to an 18 – 24 months placement. We would like somebody who has had previous young childcare experience as mentioned our youngest child is one years old. This can be a great opportunity to work and live with a great family, in a desirable part of the great city of London. Like any work placement and experience – life is what you make it! We cannot wait to meet you!

We are looking for an aupair to help with the children whilst we are at work.  Someone with a genuine interest and love for childcare and a good level of English – so that communication is not a problem. We would like some help with school runs, pre-school and after school childcare, babysitting, simple cooking for the children, and also to help with some light housework.

A typical day will be:

Mornings – the timings are as a rough guide only but this should give you an idea:

7am -8am wake up and you have breakfast first.

If you can feed the children breakfast. E.g. cereal and juice for Eshaan, porridge or breakfast fruit pouch for the baby. Freshen water bottles.

8-9 am Get the children ready for the day; teeth brushed, moisturised with cream, dressed for the day.

930 -1030 make the children a mid-morning snack. Wash and cut some fresh fruit followed by yogurt. Some biscuits or finger food and water/juice for the baby.

1030-1130 have some fun play time with kids – which they love the most! With toys and games, make believe and role play etc  

1130 -12 light cleaning up after breakfast, e.g. load the dishwasher in the kitchen, pick up the toys in the living room.


12-1 make light lunch (e.g. pasta) and eat yourself. Feed the children lunch, Samson in the high chair

1-130 light clean up after lunch,

Late afternoon

2-4 Take the kids out to do an activity i.e. swimming, soft play area, park, or to a playgroup i.e. music playgroup. This is the fun bit! As an Au pauir we would expect you to be able to read English and understand directions. We live in a lovely part of London where everything is within walking distance although sometimes you will be required to take a short bus ride. There are lots a parks and ponds nearby.

Early Evening

4-5 on the way home from the ‘activity’, sometimes you would be required to go to the supermarket and buy something to cook for the children’s dinner. (Or we may go shopping ourselves and do a big grocery shop on the weekends).

5-6 the children play at home whilst you can cook dinner.

6pm feed the children and eat dinner yourself!

I would normally be home from work before 6pm but Hajaz is around some of the day

Parents take over with bath and bedtime routine unless we have asked you to babysit*

Work Details
We are looking for someone to do about 35 hours a week + twice a week babysitting, and you would have two full days off a week (weekends). Au pairs can work longer than 35 hours a week for extra pocket money>You will be provided with spending money also for the week

You would be able to – in your free time – attend language school if you wish, make friends with other au pairs or just explore London an all its beauty.

We would expect you to pay for the travel cost to come to England and also pay for the cost of the language classes. We hope to skype before then!

We can be flexible if you require any holiday. We want this to be a good opportunity for you and a fulfilling experience We would like someone very active, with lots of energy, fun, happy, smiley, a hard worker and somebody who we can get along with. Somebody who is willing to learn and can pay close attention to detail. A warm person who is sensitive towards the children especially if they are teething or unwell. Someone who will respect our family and we will do the same with you. We would like somebody who has had previous childcare experience, this is necessary. We believe in upbringing our children with lots of love and compassion.

You would have your own room at the top of the house with a bathroom next door. And we can provide a TV if you like.From September onwards Eshaan will be in school full time, so the routine would change. Eshaan would be dropped off at school in the morning and picked up after school, you would take care of the just baby during the day, go to a playgroup etc.

For your help we will provide you with full bed and board.

I hope that my letter provide you with an insight to our family.  I have provided quite a lot of information and tried to provide examples. There is much more to tell! J

If you think you might like to come to our family please let me know.

I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

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Type of home:
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom converted terraced Victorian house
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own bedroom with internet access
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£100 to £120/week
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United Kingdom
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up to twice a week
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Tube station 5 minute walk
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5 to 6 hours/day

PM Duties:

5 to 6 hours/day