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Native English Speakers

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  • Fischamend
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Catholic (practicing very little; at home just traditions as Christmas)
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19 July 2018
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12 months


Dear Aupair,


We are afamily from Austria. I am Stefan, my wife’s name is Elisabeth. We have two children: Johanna is six years old, Jakob is two. We live in Fischamend, which is close to Vienna in the eastern part of Austria and also near to the airport.

Fischamend has about 5.000 inhabitants. There are several restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, banks and a post office in town. There is a train station in walking distance. It just takes about 30 minutes to go to Vienna city center. There are several playgrounds nearby and a forest. The river danube is not far away.

Our house is a mixture of a newly built part and some parts of an existing building, which it is connected to. We have three bedrooms (parent’s bedroom, children’s room and a separate living room with sleeping facilities). There is a large garden, where our children play a lot. Our neighbours are my parents who are very helpful concerning Jakob and Johanna. (e.g. with Johannas homework, some cooking …)

I am working as a journalist at Austria’s biggest news magazine. Elisabeth is a civil servant. We are usually out between 7 – 17 approximately. My working hours can be longer like this, but Elisabeth’s are quite stable.

Johanna turned 6 in May. She’ll start primary school in September. Her school is just around the corner from our house. Jakob will be 3 in September. He attends kindergarten, which is a walk of about 20 minutes away or a bikeride of about 10 minutes.

We are looking for an aupair to help us with the children when we are at work. Our aupair should be generally interested in childcare. Our children speak German, but we would like them to become somewhat used to English, as we have close relatives in Britain.

A typical day will be:

Have breakfast with the children and walk them to school and kindergarten. Help out with some light housework. Collect the children from school and kindergarten and play with them until we return home. From time to time some babysitting in the evening would also be great.

This is about 18 hours per week: mostly in the afternoon on working days. You will have enough free time to attend a language school. There are German courses in Fischamend, but also of course in Vienna.

You don’t have to be able to drive a car, if you stay with us. It still could be helpful.

We will provide you with full bed and board. You can stay in the seperate living room which is about 27 m² big, has cooking facilities, a fridge, a sofa bed and a TV. There is also a separate bath room with shower and toilet.

Pocket money is about 133 Euros per week.

I hope this letter could give you some impression about our family. If you think you might like to come and stay with us please let me know. We are very happy to answer any questions you might have. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

Best wishes,






Will we accept a Smoker?:
Type of home:
3 bedroom detached house
Gender preference:
own independent accommodation in the family home with a large bedroom/living room-27m, cooking facilities, fridge, sofa bed, TV)-and a private shower room
Do we have any pets?:
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Is babysitting required?:
ometimes in the evening
Available Transport:
train (30 minutes to Vienna city center)
Free time:
about 9am-1pm and after about 4pm (unless babysitting on some evenings)
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Use of a vehicle?:
Native English Speakers
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

breakfeast for the children, take them to school and kindergarden (in town)

PM Duties:

pick up the kids from kindergarden/school, look after them until parents are at home, maybe light housework

Any Special Needs: