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21 March 2019
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9 months


We are James and Kate, and live in St Albans.  We have two girls, Emily aged 9 (10 at the end of August) and Eliza aged 6 (7 in November).  

Both are very active, and go to various clubs.  They love swimming, gymnastics and drama in particular.  They also go climbing and play tennis at school.  They love crafts and books.  Eliza is at Infant School; Emily is at Junior School.  Both schools are about 10 minutes’ walk from the house.   Eliza is at school from 845am to 315pm, and Emily until 330pm.

We are both solicitors (lawyers).  James is a partner in an international law firm, based in London although he travels in the UK and abroad frequently.   Kate is the Head of Legal for a construction company near St Albans.  We tend to work long and unpredictable hours, although both of us try to see the girls in the morning and evening whenever possible, and work after bedtime where necessary. We love watching tennis, and we were scuba diving instructors before we had the children.  

Our home is in St Albans, which is a lovely, thriving and historic town twenty five minutes from London by train.  Here is a link to information about St Albans: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Albans  

We are currently living in a rented house that has four bedrooms and a lovely big garden.  The au pair’s room is on the ground floor and also has a bathroom. We have wifi.  We are in the process of buying a new house but it is taking a long time and we will probably carry out some building works when we do eventually buy it so will be living in the rented house for a while yet. It is very close to the house we are renting so we are staying in the same area.

Sample hours would be roughly 7.30 to 9.30 am in the morning and again from 3pm – 6.30pm in the evening.   However, flexibility would be very important as we sometimes have to work unpredictable hours.

Some weeks hours may be fewer hours; other weeks more heavy.  We would look for about a 28-35 hour week.

We do have a cleaner (who also irons our clothes) but would expect an au pair to help with light housework, in particular tidying and washing and putting away the girls’ clothes.   Keeping the house tidy with everyone so busy is a particular challenge where we need help! Hours would be similar in the school holidays, as the girls tend to go to various clubs, but there may be days when the au pair would look after them.

We will provide a phone and contribute to local travel. We will provide gym and sports club membership if wanted.  

We have a strong preference for an au pair that can drive, because the girls often have clubs on the other side of St Albans, and would provide the au pair with driving lessons at the start of the placement to allow her to get used to driving on the left side of the road if necessary.   We provide use of a car (manual).

We would be looking to pay £130 depending on normal hours, or more for experienced candidates.  

We would like the au pair to babysit one evening a week, and sometimes a weekend evening (although we doubt we will actually go out as much as this in practice!).

Weekends will generally be free, although we so sometimes also invite the au pair to come on family weekends away (there would be free time on trips).

We, and virtually all of our friends, were shocked and very disappointed by the Brexit vote.  St Albans, like London, was a town that voted heavily to remain. We hope that the exit will not actually be implemented.

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Garden and gym
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4 bedroom detached house
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own bedroom with private bathroom, internet access
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United Kingdom
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once a week
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train station into London 10 minutes walk from the house-25 minutes to London
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St Albans
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All nationalities
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AM Duties:

Breakfast, take girls to school

PM Duties:

Pick girls from school, take to various clubs/activities

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Other requirements:

Flexible, 30 hours/week. Will pay for driving lessons to get used to driving in the left