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United Kingdom


Accept all nationalities.

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  • Posted 5 months ago
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6 months


Dear Au Pair,

I’m Naveen, Faisal is my husband and we have three daughters, Amaani, Aleesa and Areen.

We live in Northwood, Middlesex, London. Northwood is a town on the tube map of London on the metropolitan (which takes you to Baker Street directly (central London) in 30 minutes. Northwood contains many buildings, a post office, bus stops, a tube station, shops, gyms, restaurants etc. The shops are 20 min walk from our house and the bus stop is right in front of our house, which takes you to the Northwood shops and tube station in 11 minutes.

Our house is a large 6 bedroom detached house. It has a good size garden. We have no pets.

I am a dentist and work part time only.  Faisal is a medical doctor but works for pharmaceuticals and works full time and travels a lot due to that.

Amaani, is 14 and a half. She goes to full time school 8am to 4.30pm. She is very calm and well behaved.  She is very kind and polite and helps her younger sisters when needed.

Aleesa, is 11 years old and is our middle child. She goes to full time school 8am-4.30pm. She is very active, friendly and likes dressing up or playing sports. She is very good at keeping her room tidy. She can be a little bossy to her older sister, but loves playing with her too. She adores her baby sister and loves helping out with her.

Areen is 4 years old and is our youngest. She’s a very easy child and likes to play in her room or watch Peppa Pig. She goes to nursery on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9am- 5.30pm. She is toilet trained.

All 3 children are very well behaved and easy to get along with.

We are looking for an Au Pair to help with all 3 girls. Someone with genuine interest in childcare and good level of English- so that communication is not a problem.

A typical day will be:

Getting Areen up for nursery and getting her ready, as well as helping the older girls get ready and their breakfast. Occasionally, when Faisal is travelling, walking the older 2 to their bus stop by 7.45am. It’s a 10 min walk. Helping out with light house work i.e. laundry, making kids beds, dishwasher loading and unloading, etc. After 3.30 the girls are home. Help them with their tea etc. and play with the little one. We need 2-3 nights babysitting a week. One day on the weekend. Occasionally, pick girls from the bus stop after school and walk them home, when I cannot myself due to work etc.

This is approximately 35 hours per week. The free time during the day will enable you to attend a language school which we can find out for you the nearest one.

I have a cleaner who comes once a week to do the deep cleaning of the house.

For your help we will provide you with full bed on board. Your bedroom is a double room upstairs on the second floor. It has an en-suite shower and toilet. There are two Tv’s downstairs and free wifi in the house. We will provide 150 pounds pocket money a week.

I hope that my letter provide you with an insight to our family. There is much more to tell.If you think you might like to come to our family please let me know. I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Will we accept a Smoker?:
Au pairs own bedroom with ensuite
Type of home:
Detached 6 bedroom house.
Gender preference:
Own bedroom and bathroom.
Do we have any pets?:
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United Kingdom
Families language/s:
English, Urdu/Hindi
Do we have a cleaner?:
part time
Is babysitting required?:
2 nights per week on weekend Friday/Saturday.
Available Transport:
Bus stop outside our house, Station Northwood on the metropoliton line. shops 15 min walk.
Language school:
Yes in Pinner very near by the OME school of english
Will we need you to Shop?:
Shopping centre by bus 20 mins.
Free time:
From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm and 8.30 onwards monday-friday and 12pm to 6pm sarurday and all day sunday
Essential Language/s:
Use of a vehicle?:
Accept all nationalities.
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Help kids get ready, help with breakfast, laundry load, tidy kids room i.e. make there beds etc.

PM Duties:

Dishwasher loading and emptying, any light house hold tidying up, help with kids tea etc spend time.

Any Special Needs:



Kosher/Halal meat. No pork.

Other requirements:

She cannot eat or cook pork in the house. Can eat/cook all other meats does not have to be kosher/halaal. No smoking or alcohol in the house. No male friends allowed.