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Accept all nationalities.

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12 months


Dear Au Pair

We are due to move (with very short notice) to the Milan area from London, and both my husband and I will be working from the start of January, with our children starting school on 9th January.   Things are still fairly up in the air in terms of schools and as a result where we will live, but we are focusing on the Monza area, possibly Como, depending on how things turn out with places at the International Schools there. We are already in touch with both schools and will know in the next couple of weeks where the children will be and where we will therefore live.

We are a British-Italian family (I am British-Canadian, my husband is Italian) and are very international. We lived in Luxembourg for 15 years, where our children were born, before coming to London in 2013 and now transferring to Italy, where we plan to stay for good. I work for a large UK Bank and my husband works for an Italian payments company, for which he does European sales. We have two children, Nicolas who is 10 and Elisa who just turned 7. They are both very sociable and friendly, although Nicolas is far more sensitive than his little sister who finds it very easy to make friends and get effortless attention. There is quite a dynamic between the two which needs to be understood and managed but they are also very able to get on and play together if situations are dealt with appropriately. Elisa is very artistic, loves fashion and rearranging her room. She would like to be a cleaning lady when she grows up, or a teacher or to win X-Factor. Nicolas is currently passionate about sharks and football. He wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up (if he doesn’t make it in professional football!) We speak both Italian and English as a family, and are also fluent in French.

Elisa has type 1 diabetes which she has had since she was just 21 months old. We are very adept at dealing with her varying bloodsugars and she is slowly taking on some responsibility of her own for checking her levels and giving herself insulin boluses through her pump (always under strong supervision!). We have always had nannies (live out because our houses in Luxembourg and London have not been large enough to allow live in) and are used to training them in her care but some prior knowledge or medical experience is a great bonus.

We are very excited to be moving back to Italy. I met my husband there back when I studied in Bologna and we lived there for several years before moving in 1997, we thought only for a few years, but is has taken us 20 years to go back. The children are also excited, although naturally apprehensive. We had a huge move just 3 years ago from Luxembourg to London so they, and our son in particular, are well aware that it is not all fun and excitement, but can also be very unsettling and stressful in the short to medium term.

We are looking for a very strong Au Pair who can handle and help our loving, exuberant and sometimes difficult (but never mean) children during a key transition period, and provide us with support as both parents also settle into new lives and jobs. In return we are very happy to welcome the right person into our family wholeheartedly, to make sure that you discover the real Italy (my husband is 100% Italian, very passionate and knowledgeable about his country) and truly live the experience. We need someone who will take on Elisa’s type 1 diabetes care and provide a third pair of hands and head when it comes to keeping her healthy and happy. Someone who understands the strain that a chronic illness puts on a family and how important it is that we don’t let the illness stifle or limit our family life and our children’s’ experiences.

It won’t be easy at the start. We are likely to be in temporary accommodation for an initial period, and then in a longer term rental property while we sell our London home and look to buy permanently in iItaly. From the start, however, we can commit to living somewhere congenial, with great transport links (I will commute daily to Milan 4 days a week and need a convenient, quick commute), good local amenities (coming from London we could never find ourselves cut off in a small village or in the country), and with a separate room for our Au Pair. I can guarantee that there will always be great coffee and excellent healthy food, someone to talk to and good humour every day. We have had nannies for 10 years now, since our son was in his first year, and our relationship has always been excellent with them – I would be very happy to provide references from our nannies if you like!

If having read all this, you are interested in being our Au Pair, and would be available to start at the end of December or very early in January, please let me know and we can set up a Skype call as soon as possible. I will also send photos but am having difficulty attaching them to this email.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Will we accept a Smoker?:
We don't know yet as we are moving but we are aiming to have a good amount of space and a garden.
Type of home:
Gender preference:
Own room. Hopefully own bathroom.
Do we have any pets?:
Pocket money:
Please can you give some advice.
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English, Italian.
Do we have a cleaner?:
part time
Is babysitting required?:
Once per week.
Available Transport:
we plan to live close to very good transport links to Milan.
Language school:
Not known but there will be plenty
Will we need you to Shop?:
We plan to live close to shops.
Use of a vehicle?:
Accept all nationalities.
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Help getting ready for school, tidying house for the day.

PM Duties:

Collecting from school, homework, play, supper, get ready for bed.

Any Special Needs:

Elisa has type 1 diabetes. She wears an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. We need someone who either has a medical / nursing background or has worked already with diabetes or significant special medical needs



Other requirements:

Medical/nursing background or experience with special medial needs. We will be moving country from UK to Italy and this is going to be exciting but difficult for the children. We need someone very strong who can handle two lovely but strong and emotional children. We are a lively and friendly family and our nannies (we have never had an aupair before) always really like the family. It will be hard work but also very rewarding.