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United Kingdom


Accept EU nationals.

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  • Ongar
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Minimum stay:
3 months



I am Trisha, the current carer of Abs.

I am writing to explain the carer’s responsibilities and a bit about Abs.

Abs is a 22 years old lovely girl, she suffers from a cerebral palsy and suffers from Autism.

She also suffers from sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia.

Due to her physical conditions she cannot properly walk on her own, and needs some help; she uses her wheelchair only when she goes out and has to walk long.

Also, she is incontinent and for this reason she wears nappies.

Despite these needs, she is quite autonomous and love spending time with her computer or watching TV.

During the week, she goes to school from 8.30 am till 4 pm, from Monday to Thursday; Claudia, her support worker, comes to pick her up and drives her back home. What the carer has to do is get her ready for college in the morning, meaning waking her up, changing her nappy, helping her shower, brushing her teeth, dressing her and providing her daily medication; then when she comes back in the afternoon, taking care of her needs and getting her ready for bed.

During the weekend Abs’s partner comes over and spends the whole weekend with her.

Other than what has been mentioned, the carer has to handle with booking doctor appointments, writing emails or making phone calls for Abs and driving her to the appointments or where she needs to go.

As for the role of the carer within the family, she is expected to help with some light housework (like cleaning up, hoovering, doing the laundry) and help preparing the supper. There is a cleaning lady who comes weekly, so, overall, the amount of work isn’t a lot.

Also, one part of the carer’s duties is to walk the dog, a sweet golden retriever.

Abs lives with her father and her younger sister, who spends any other week at her mother’s; the other sister is at the University, so comes back home only during holidays.

The family is lovely, very attentive to the au pair’s needs and genuinely kind and supportive.

If you need to know anything more, I will be more than glad to help and answer any of your questions!

All the best!


Will we accept a Smoker?:
Pets in the home:
1 dog (Golden Retriever)
Type of home:
5 bedroom detached house
Gender preference:
Own bedroom with ensuite bathroom
Pocket money:
£100/week. Au pair will be offered gym memberships, own car and SIM card.
Do we have any pets?:
Country - IMPORTANT - Please select your country!:
United Kingdom
Families language/s:
Do we have a cleaner?:
part time
Is babysitting required?:
Available Transport:
Bus Stop 10 min walk.
Will we need you to Shop?:
Nearest centre in Ongar.
Use of a vehicle?:
Accept EU nationals.
Do we need a driver?:
AM Duties:

Mix of personal care, light housework, cooking and walking the dog.

PM Duties:

Mix of personal care, light housework, cooking and walking the dog.

Any Special Needs:

Abs needs personal care.