Information for Au pairs about living with your host family

Please ensure that you are able to comply with all the family´s requirements before accepting the position. If there is anything at all that you do not agree with, it is imperative that the host family be made aware of this and you will find that in most cases some compromises can be made. You must try your best to be cheerful, pleasant and willing. Your family will respond to this and a good relationship will develop. At the beginning you may feel lonely and strange, this is quite normal and your family will be aware of this. Any problems or difficulties you may experience must be discussed with your family. Communication is a very important factor if you are to have a good understanding of one another.

You may be expected to wake up at a regular hour, to be agreed with your family.  In most cases you will be expected to help with the housework and this could include any of the following:-
Washing(with washing machine)
General cleaning and tidying,
Some light cooking (very simple)
Washing up dishes,
Helping to prepare the evening meal.
You will also be expected to help with the children and this could include any of the following:-
Picking up or collecting children from school,
Bathing children and putting them to bed,
Preparing light meals or snacks for them,
Playing with them to encourage a good relationship.(Very important).

You will be given free time as outlined in the family registration form. When you go out, please be very clear about the time you will return, otherwise the family will worry about you. If you are expected to return home to baby-sit or help with housework please be punctual. If you have any problems at all regarding this, you must keep your family informed by telephone. Most families do not mind if you wish to come home late at night as long as they are aware of the situation. However, there are some families that may object, so please discuss this first. If you would like to invite a friend to visit you at any time, it would be polite to check this is convenient with your family.

Before you travel, please ensure that you are fit and in good health. If you need any dental treatment, you are advised to do this before you go. Also, make sure that your family give you telephone numbers where they can be contacted in case of emergency. Make sure that you know how to contact police, fire and ambulance.

If you should have any difficulties that you cannot overcome, then please contact the agency. going abroad as an Au-Pair is an ideal way to improve your target language and also a wonderful way to broaden your experiences of life and learn about other people; as no doubt you will make friends with other au pairs of all nationalities. Enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time!