Au pairs as live in helpers receive pocket money rather than a wage or a salary. The following is the amounts recommended by current local government guidelines:

Australia 80 - 120 AUD per week
Austria €280 per month
Belgium €450 euros per month
Canada 120 CAD per week
Denmark 2500 DKK per month
Finland €250 - 300 per month
France €350 per month
Germany €260 per month ( families acknowledge that this is low and usually pay a little more )
Ireland €60 - 65 per week
Netherlands €300 per month
New Zealand 80-130 NZD per week
Norway 3000 NOK per month
South Africa 800 SAR per month
Spain €250 per month
Sweden 3500 SEK per month
Switzerland 500 - 800 SFR per month
United Kingdom £70 per week
USA $139 per week
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