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Au pairs, Mother´s help & Nannies

Welcome to Europe's most popular and the World´s friendliest au pair agency, we have been placing au pairs and nannies globally since 1994. We offer a full agency nanny & au pair service and all matching is done manually by our experienced staff.

Host families:

  • We are not an automated matching site so you can communicate with real people by telephone, Email or Help for au pair host families? and ask for assistance during the search and au pair placement process.
  • To safeguard your data No personal? details are posted on this site, so you are protected from scam?, you will only be contacted by genuine au pairs & nannies who suit your requirements.
  • Only the best applicants are accepted by us and all are thoroughly checked.

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 Worldwide placements including: Au pair placements in England Au pair placements in Ireland Au pair placements in the USA Au pair placements down under Au pair placements in Canada Au pair placements in Finland Au pair placements in France Au pair placements in Germany Au pair placements in the Netherlands Au pair placements in Italy Au pair placements in Suisse Au pair placements in Sweden Au pair placements in Spain Au pair placements in Norway Au pair placements in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Au pair placements in Russia flag of Arabic Countries

Au pairs & nannies:

  • Our placements are 100% free of charge. Which means you can register and contact families without having to pay anything at all.
  • You are protected from scam as many of our host families are verified?, and all families have to pay our registration fee, this authenticates their identity.
  • Although the vast majority of our placements are successful, when you are placed we offer you a full back up service.
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We supply English teaching, conversation assistants and tutors to most countries of the world, if you need conversation assistants and would like more information please use this form:

If you are interested in becoming an English conversation assistant we currently have opportunities in Spain, open to Native English speakers, please check Teaching English in Spain.
Many of our au pairs are happy to offer assistance, companionship, informal care and help for elderly people... ... find out more
Almondbury in partnership with the founding member of the Chinese Au Pair Association is happy to announce a new program to give young adults a very affordable and unique opportunity to visit and experience the fascinating culture and history of China.
... find out more
Family living in Bernau am Chiemsee in South Bavaria in GERMANY seek an au pair to help care for their three children aged 11, 9 and 2 years old. Mum Family living in Preverenges, very close to Lausanne in the French Speaking part of SWITZERLAND, seek an au pair to help care for their son aged 5 yea A French/Hungarian family living in Le Pecq in FRANCE-just 30 minutes by train from Paris-seek an au pair to help care for their two daughters aged 5 A married Filipino/US gay couple living in Winchester in Massachusetts-just 8 miles from Boston-seek a live in nanny to help care for their baby boy d Family living in Munich in GERMANY seek an au pair to help care for their two children aged 6 and 3 years old. Mother is a physician and father is an Family living in Qingyuan in the Guangdong province in CHINA seek an au pair to help care for their daughter aged 2,5 years old. There is also a 14 ye Family living in a large house in Croissy sur Seine close to the subway station into central Paris seek an au pair to care for their 4 children aged 9 Family living in the lovely city of Lecce in the Apuglia region of the South of ITALY seek an au pair to help care for their baby daughter aged 8 mont Family living in Istanbul seek an au pair to help care for their two children aged 5 and 3 years old. Mother and father are managers at good companies A Canadian family living in Las Palmas in the Canary islands in SPAIN seek a full time nanny/housekeeper to help care for their baby aged 2 months old
Speaks English. Babysitting exp, happy to help with housework and pets. New driver but confident. Likes reading. Au pair+ Speaks English and some French. Babysitting exp and looked after relatives. Enjoys walking, reading and swimming. Driver for 10 yrs. Au pair+ Speaks French and English. Looked after nephews since birth, babysat a one yr old for 3 months. Happy to help with housework and cooking. Driver for 4 yrs. Au pair+ Speaks English, French and German. Looked after nephew aged 10 months old, babysitting exp with ages 11-12 yrs old. Enjoys arts and nature. Driver for 2 yrs. Au pair+ Speaks English. Looks after relatives aged from 3 months to 5 yrs old. Enjoys reading, running&plays the piano. Driver for 3 yrs. Au pair+ Speaks English. Was an au pair for 3 months in Belgium with 6 children aged 0-10 yrs old. Happy to help with housework. Driver for 3 yrs. Au pair+ Speaks English. Already in the UK. Babysitting exp with school aged children. Enjoys football and reading. Driver for 8 yrs and very confident. Au pair+ Bilingual French-Spanish, also speaks English. Lots of babysitting exp with ages 4-12 years old. Enjoys the outdoors and painting. Driver for 2 years. Au pair+ Has 6 years babysitting exp with newborns up to 11 yrs old, volunteer at youth groups. Enjoys writing and reading. Driver for 2 yrs. Au pair+ Speaks English, German & French. Driver for 11 yrs. Erasmus Program Coordinator. Taught English in Kenya. Professor Assistant at the faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. Enjoys Triathlon & reading
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We have been placing au pairs & nannies with many of our host families for years, so obviously we can vouch for their suitability, these families are denoted by *** on our lists.
Which countries would you like to au-pair in, you can put as many you like, but please check the visa requirements for your target countries.
We have many nanny & au pair jobs in England and the whole of the UK, Ireland USA and Europe mainly Switzerland, Germany, Austria France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands ( Holland ), Spain and Italy.
When filling in the au pair application form, if you specify that you only want large cities, for example London in the UK it can give the impression that you are more interested in the night life rather than aupairing and childcare.
For the differences between childcare center and childcare provider and how they relate to aupairs please check our FAQ's.
For nanny or au pair jobs in Europe please check our aupair job vacancy page. We also have nanny and au pair Jobs in the USA and we are international au pair co-operators for a designated au pair agency in the USA, which means that you can get the legal J1 aupair visa.
If you are looking for an au pair or nanny in the USA please check Aupair USA page for US families. Or before you apply for au-pair or nanny jobs in America please check Aupair in America or for more details please email us.
Most nanny or au pair agencys will request aupair or nanny references, we usually check them when a family has made a choice and requests us to do so.
When entering nationality required for example specifying Swedish or French au pairs, please remember that we will only send French or Swedish au pairs and not for example Spanish au pairs., so it is better not to be so specific.
As au pair is originally French and means on par, a fille au pair in America for example would mean a girl aupair in America.
Please enter your contact details, again this is not posted on our site and will enable potential host families to contact you.
Write as much as possible even if you only have babysitting experience. A good aupair application form will give you a better chance of a good aupair position.
If you are a looking for an au pair agency service for high profile families.
RSS "Really Simple Syndication" allows you to see when websites have added new content without the need to visit the site again. You will need a news reader which can be software that resides on your desktop and alerts you when the feed has been updated. The FireFox browser also allows you to add RSS feeds to it's LiveBookmarks toolbar. We currently have 4 feeds, au pair jobs and a separate feed for au pair jobs in England and Ireland. A feed for au pairs available for Europe and worldwide and a separate feeds for au pairs available for the UK ( England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland ) and Ireland.
Nannying or au pairing in Europe wether it is England or other European countries, as in the USA, is always subject to local nanny or au pair visa requirements, so please check your eligibility to au pair in your target country.
For childcare help, a foreign au pair is a very affordable childcare alternative than daycare or child minders.
With our new version of the au pair & nanny lists, all the applicants can be viewed on 1 page, older computers appear to be having problems with this, so we have included a link to the old version.
 للعوائل فى البلاد العربية التي تريد مربية اطفال اجنبية الرجاء التصال بمجيد.
 Being an au pair is ideal as a long or short term Student job.